Reflections on Berkeley

So by now many of you have seen the footage from the ‘Fourth Battle of Berkeley’.

It has provided us no end of pleasure seeing the crusty left get their arses handed back to them-most notably by Nathan Damigo and his Identity Europa unit, who seemed to be at the epicenter of the fight throughout the day. Breaking Antifa’s line time and again while displaying the kind of vigor and group cohesion the enemy had no answer to-or even experience of. It really has been a salve to finally see a thorough and proper response to those low bred scrotes and I salute everyone involved.

The victory over antifa was compounded thoroughly in Auburn when not only did Spencer claim a moral and legal victory by securing the right to speak inside the Uni, but antifa themselves were made a laughing stock outside on the street.

Watching an alt-righter dressed as a carrot steal the show from an atypical lefty mouth-piece in front of a laughing crowd, while Spencer’s support dwarfed the much vaunted Nazi punchers, the average viewer would be left with the impression that the black bloc is little more than a noisy, toothless mob.

The optics were damming for the left.

Weak and lacking popular support or the temperament to achieve their proclaimed goals.

The job is by no means done but the current has shifted and the scruffs know it. From now on they can expect a roasting in the street, while any public support will dry up. Their own active membership will dwindle as repeated beatings convince the majority to stay home and maybe read some Plato. That hard core that runs the show will remain and become more radicalised though, this is something the American movement must expect soon and prepare for. America will soon have a contained civil war as lefty filth turn from mob attack to more subversive means to disrupt the ‘Evil Nazis’, Escalation is guaranteed I feel though the scale and potency of it remains to be seen.

There is much more I could say about these events, but how Ireland’s landscape differs is what I wish to address today.

It would be easy to get carried away with the sense of victory coming from across the pond, but it is an American victory within the American situation which is frankly a far cry from our own. The left in America is not short on agency and has a lot of tangible power as we have seen, but much of that is financial, academic and within the mechanisms of the state.

At street level, Antifa and their assorted commie affiliates are, by and large, populated with weak betas, LARPing whores like moldilocks and other peripherals of society and human detritus. The BLM scourge (strangely silent of late) are yet to face a reaction on the street, but when they do the devastation will be more pronounced I feel, but that’s an article for another day.

These constitute the existential teeth of the left outside of the (((establishment))) and are easily dealt with by an organised white reaction. There are no established paramilitaries that I am aware of (Black Panthers lol!!) and intelligent covering of ones tracks online while protecting your identity on the street will keep you from the worst ramifications.

The Irish theater is of course a different matter.

Antifa here are pitiful, much like elsewhere they are a collection of syphilis riddled degenerates and sodomites, LARPing pseudo-revolutionaries enjoying free reign as the state turns the other cheek to their subversive and easily infiltrated movement.

What we have to contend with here is established ‘Irish Nationalism’, that is to say, the Marxian Frankenstein ideology that considers itself-and is considered to be- Nationalism in Ireland.

The offspring of the Provos, INLA et al (Eirigi, 32csm, Saoradh and so on) are armed, organised and in many cases experienced in what is far more potent an activism than simply rioting and breaking windows.

Actual guerilla warfare and gangland activities are their sphere and they don’t like competition. Their monopoly on the concept of Nationalism is important to the (((status quo))) as well as themselves. It keeps Nationalism nice and vacuous, and most importantly, multi-ethnic/civic in nature.

Even the most hardcore of them are standing willingly at the gates, inviting in every vibrant, low bred outsider into our homeland to breed away our identity and culture in one final plantation. They are so predicated on their ‘shared struggle’ with Muslim scum in the Levant or the negro ravagers of Rhodesia and South Africa that they embrace the ‘Niggers of Europe’ meme with abandon.

We are left with an entity that while embracing puerile leftist treachery and moral decay still contains some decidedly fascist traits and certainly a lot of scope for activity. They made short work of the stillborn Pegida movement in Ireland, cleaning O’Connell street in Dublin of Identity Ireland in short order and sending out a message of intent. While this was a stock Antifa attack, it contained membership from Republican dissident groups who were well organised and marshaled, and are capable of much more than just street violence. All overseen by their supposed nemesis Gerry Adams. A lovely united Irish nationalist front against evil bigotry and intolerance.

Heart warming.

My point in all this is to tell you what you probably already know. This American victory is not ours-our job is only begun. We have seen the alt-right coalesce and re-hone itself into an ever more streamlined and legitimate movement for white agency. We have seen them get a President elected and if trends continue we might see them get him impeached. Berkeley was a significant manifestation of physical power in the home of American antifa, Auburn was a moral and optical victory. We are seeing an academic and social movement grow teeth and physical presence and as the enemy escalates so will the reaction, thus growing the alt-right into what White America really needs. They will continue to grow and will come to dominate in whatever sphere they are exposed to, barring some catastrophe.

They have provided us maybe not with a blueprint but with the inspiration and example that even when utterly diminished, a new order can grow out of nothing. But our enemy is a different beast altogether and we have to do things our own way.

Even when the time comes that we are marching or holding rallies, our enemy will not be the estrogen-rich pukes the Americans are handling, but an organised, established and militant left that won’t bother with fist fights for long.

As Irish men we need to prepare accordingly. Prepare for a future where not just state forces but assorted paramilitary entities are out for our blood, because it’s just around the corner.

Tá ár lá tagtha

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    This is bang on the money, good stuff. Fuck Sinn Fein!