Brave Woman tells man to ‘f**k off back to India’ on Limerick train

The Journal

IRISH RAIL HAS condemned an incident on a Limerick train where a woman told a man to “go away and fuck off back to India”.

Footage of the incident, which happened on Sunday on a train from Colbert Station to Limerick Junction, shows the woman verbally abusing the man, telling him: “Speak fucking English when you’re in fucking Ireland.”

Diversity is our Strength

Why has Irish rail condemned the incident? Would Irish rail publicly condemn an incident where an Irish girl was being harassed by brown street shitters or would it be afraid of being called racist?

All these companies need to shut up and stop acting like their globalist profits and the feelings of brown people are the most important issues in the world.

We don’t care about your bottom line profits, we don’t care about your “muh cheap third world corporate labour” and we couldn’t care less about some brown invader’s feelings.

What we care about is being dispossessed and turned into minorities in our own countries.

So I hope more people speak up about the fact that we are being invaded before Ireland becomes like the U.K. where you can be sent to a reeducation centre and have your children taken off of you like Emma West (yes the name is ironic) for the crime of not wanting to become a minority in your own country.

‘Harrowing footage’

Brian Killoran, CEO of the Immigrant Council of Ireland, also criticised the incident.

It is harrowing watching this footage of people being aggressively abused because of their ethnic identity. Every year the Immigrant Council of Ireland runs an anti-racism campaign alongside Transport for Ireland encouraging victims and witnesses of racism on public transport to report all incidents.

“Sadly we know from this experience racial abuse on public transport is an issue, with victims often being transport staff themselves. Evidence of this nature highlights the need for effective hate crime laws to more robustly tackle such unacceptable behaviour and work towards eradicating it from our society,” Killoran said.

Brian Killoran
Traitor, gimp, cue-ball: These are just a few of the names that Brian Killoran’s Mother calls him.
Such harrow, very racial, much abused. That’s super sad Brian. How much are they paying you to vilify the people of Ireland so that we can be abused and replaced in our own lands?

Brian Killoran is a traitor to the people of Ireland and a sell out. I’ll just leave this here…