Know Your Enemy

War can be confusing. If the events of the previous three weeks have proven anything it is that decoding 4(000)D chess, more often than not, leads down a rabbit hole of empathy, projection and geo-political strategy, none of which this goy can attest to understand in any coherent fashion. Instead, this lowly pawn will focus on a few of the archetypes you – a fellow lowly pawn – are likely to encounter on the front lines of meme (and actual) skirmish.

The Black Blob


The most pervasive antagonists are, thankfully, also the most easily identifiable. For a great many of us, the impetus behind our involvement in alt-right or identity politics is due to their existence and their loosely-defined objectives. We all know the familiar banners and standards: a visceral crust, an eye-watering stench,  blue/green/purple hair, something woolly with soy stains and anything else that adds to an overall manufactured and impractical vagabond appearance. This group contains everything from geriatric dreamers to junkie “artists” to turtle-necked campus commies to year-round baristas / one day warriors and anyone else generally thought of as human refuse. These will be the most ready to assume the infamous “anti-fa” mantle, as marching through the streets, screeching at ATMs and general revolutionary-themed larping may well be considered a productive use of their time. Honorary mentions include those engaged in womens/ ethnic/ some other nonsense studies as well as the colorful mystery meat comprising the local redundant ethnic yoof. Due to the street-urchin vibe, this group must be considered dangerous and likely armed with syringes, blades, rocks, shit mace (yes, really) and dumb Italian slogans. Other tell-tale maxims usually follow the trend of compulsive chants deriding “patriarchy”, “capitalism” or “racism”.  Notable weaknesses include brittle wrists, soft chins and a demonstrable lack of combat experience, coupled with an inherent aversion to organization among the more dedicated anarcho-larpos. Recent findings suggest that they are impervious to the unity spell woven by a can of Pepsi but whether or not this defensive capability extends to cans of Pepsi chucked at their faces remains to be seen, further investigation required. Fortunately in Ireland we have yet to experience a real mobilization of these creeps but as the current situation accelerates and expands, they will undoubtedly form the literal front line of the opposition.


Your dumb Aunt

Bake something

We all have them. Clueless subversives, programmed by feels-led media and susceptible to assent to any text emblazoned on a picture of a brown child. Such superseding sympathy is very cute and sometimes admirable, if not painfully reminiscent of the typical pathological altruism and compassion of hwytes. At present, this otherwise laudable trait is most definitely a disadvantage. Anyone who has assumed the arduous task of conversing with a few of these boomer-tiers has likely encountered some problems. You can expect anything from flat-out denial of reality to total dismissal of your opinions as being xenophobic or racist. A few plausible strategies for engaging with these individuals involve manipulating their benevolent nature to focus on more insular issues affecting muh children. Might be good to arm yourself with a few statistics regarding the difficulties kids today can expect to face when entering school life, the work force and the dangers associated with the encroaching chocolate tide. I would also advise anyone discussing such issues with boomers to avoid using the words “genetic”, “biological” or “filthy niggers”. “Culture” is a great substitute for any of the more damning terms.


The Eternal Normie

Super busy

Forever the neutral force in any political landscape is the eternal normie. These folk come in all shapes and sizes but can be positively id’d by one singular concern: payday. Ancillary worries revolve around procuring whatever will get them through another week of misery until the next payday. Unsurprisingly, they are consumers at their very core. While some espouse higher meaning or values to be extracted from life, the nicotine stained fingers, search history riddled with “Darth Vader Lampshade” queries and scent of Rogaine begs to differ. They are likely to be either sport obsessed (men) or entertainment obsessed (women). These mutually inconsequential interests are testament to the perpetual and immutable fear of death and willful ignorance to passage of time that plagues their every waking moment. As such, they are wholly predisposed to temporary concerns like aesthetics, indulgence and money. These are the only things that can placate as vacuous an existence as theirs and so, should be your primary target to attack. Economic arguments work well here, reminding them that N’Kmembye and her kidlets are the reason their earnings are being eaten by taxes. Due to an entirely neutered existence, authentic experiences are important to the more intrepid normie. Quite helpful when you can casually explain to them why the local Moroccan restaurant just doesn’t compare to the real deal tagine to be found in Marrakesh, where Moroccans belong. Isn’t the authentic experience of travel and food a better reason to wagecuck there,  goy? Such arguments will have to suffice until the eternal normie recognizes their place in the Cosmic Order and the threats that seek to usurp them.


So there you have it, a brief overview of the adversaries you are likely to come across on the memetic battlefield. There are plenty more sub-classes and overlaps, as well as a many-headed hydra (((final boss))), but I feel these three will probably be the first opposition you encounter. You may have noticed that two of the three groups describe people worth saving with rational debate and friendly, amicable discussion. As for the Black Blob and the 97 genders there-in? Lethal force is permitted. Happy hunting. Hail Damigo.