Pest control company called to Leinster House to deal with rats

The Journal:

RATS, MICE, BLUEBOTTLES and garden ants were among the pests and creepy crawlies found at Leinster House in the past two years.

[Leinster House is the Irish Government building BtP – Ed.]

A pest control company was called to the parliamentary complex 15 times to deal with the threat of infestations during 2015 and 2016, at a cost of €8,354.20 to the taxpayer.

Inspection reports compiled by the company reveal problems with black garden ants in the crèche at Leinster House, rats outside the press office and an infestation of bluebottle flies in TDs’ offices.

Last May, the pest control firm was called out to deal with reports of rats on the ground floor of the main building following complaints of a “rancid smell” emanating from the floor outside the press office.

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Alan Shatter: Jewish ex-Minister of Justice responsible for “Citizenship ceremonies” where third world people are given citizenship en-mass in Ireland

‘Deep clean’ recommended

Records released under the Freedom of Information Act reveal the pest control company was called to the complex 15 times in 2015 and 2016. There have been two callouts to date in 2017.

On 31 January, the company was summoned in response to a “smell of rodent” in the Kildare Street reception of Leinster House.