Phil Hogan is a Scumbag

The Journal:

“FORMER MINISTER OF the Environment Phil Hogan has said that Irish Water “has seen the test of time” and refused to say whether he had any regrets on the setting up of the semi-state entity.

Irish Water was formally registered as a company in 2013, but the issue of water charges has plagued successive governments since.

After years of public outcry and political wrangling, a final report from the Oireachtas Committee on Water Charges this month recommended that water charges be rolled back with people only charged for excessive usage.”

Irish Water is a scam. Let me break down the Government playbook on this kind of thing…

Irish Government Playbook on screwing the People:

  • Take a public utility, heath service, postal service, water, etc.


  • Create a quango to run it and extract tax from the people to pay big bonuses to the civil servants & quango admins. Don’t forget to keep some for the E.U. bureaucratic casino banking debt you nationalised (see “Anglo for Beginners” chapter).


  • Eventually privatise the quango with an IPO  when the government cronies you appointed to run it prove too incompetent to keep it going. Do make sure you give preferential IPO share prices to your insider trading corporate friends who will give you a board room position when you retire from public service.


  • Sit back and watch as the corporation who bought the public utility hollow out the infrastructure of that previously well equipped (via taxpayer money) utility all the while price gouging the populous for the use of the essential utility.


  • When the fat 1% have sucked the blood out of the utility like parasitic ticks, over leveraged it into massive debt and all that remains is a dried up husk while concurrently the population is ready to riot (see Bolivian Water War) then and only then do you…


  • Declare that the vital utility needs to be re-NATIONALISED and bailed out by the tax payer!


“Ahh rioght boyeee you can afford it and if you can’t tough shit” – ex-Minister Phil Hogan on Water Charges.

Phil Hogan is the piece of shit cog in that particular wheel of fraud that lies to your face and laughs at you behind your back. Next time you see Phil be sure and let him know what you think about that (with words of course).