The tomb womb saga continues….

Tanaiste and Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald has today announced her desire to see a referendum on the Eighth Amendment, sometime next year.

This is following on of course from the recommendation from our Citizens Assembly (outsourced parliament) that the Eighth should be replaced rather than repealed.

This is the latest step in the slow dance Fine Gael have brought us along in regard to the abortion question in this country. A party relying on a Catholic and Conservative voter base, Fine Gael are cutting it fine as they try keep their voter base happy while following the agenda of their (((superiors))).

The Tanaiste’s remark that the issue of killing infants in the womb was best dealt with “between a woman and her doctors” rather than in the people’s Constitution, was a seemingly throw-away, insignificant remark. It represents a total removal from the traditional opinions of the voter base she supposedly represents.

Personally I welcome a plebiscite on the issue.

It is my experience of Irish people that the silent but large majority would vote down any attempt to de-humanise the unborn.

The Citizen’s Assembly is a fantastic example of politicians giving somebody else their job and responsibility and making it look like engagement with the public. They could offer any advice they like as there is no compulsion upon the government to act on their submissions. In fact what is now planned is that a new Oireachtas committee will be set up in order to waste even more time looking into the matter! This is all optics pure and simple.

What I expect we will see (if the government lasts long enough) is a vote to replace the Eighth with something that provides a ‘thin end of the wedge’ solution so that the slow, inevitable march to abortion on demand may continue. As inept and mindless as the Irish politician may seem, they get their way in the end regardless of obstacles. The problem is of course that their way and the public interest are exclusive to each other.