Let’s Ruin Children!

What do you do when you are a media jewess and your sexual urges are absolutely uncontrollable like all jewesses.

Well simple you project them onto children in the hope of satiating and normalising them.

Have a look…

Fuck the kids and fuck their right to an innocent childhood.

Your perverse itches come first, isn’t that right Rachel Bloom you fat ugly jewess!

Fatter and uglier than her co-ethnic Lena Dunham. Who would have thought it possible. I can’t, I can’t even…

Remember all those teen sex movies from the 90s and 00s, American Pie, Euro Trip, Sex Drive, etc, etc, etc.

Well have a look at the cast… all jews.

Before I copped onto this I remembered watching American Pie wondering where all this obsession with pervert sex was coming from in America.

Well it was always there it is just that it has been progressively normalised.

Image result for my sex junk bloom
LOL Brown pet features of course. I hear that Indians are great at ICT when they are not shitting in the street that is

We’ve all know about this for quite some time but it is really coming to the forefront now. If you want to learn more about how these perverts operate have a read of this…


Jews… Every.single.time!

Oh and Bill Nye, you look like a paedophile. Seriously you are a Jimmy Saville tier looking pervert.

Image result for Bill nye
Would you let this man near your children?
Bill Nye can I have your autograph!


This man ought to be ashamed of himself. He is a societal enabler of this.

At least the jewess just can’t help her sexual urges. We could just send her to Israel. What is Nye’s excuse though? Is he doing it for the kids? For their health and well-being?

This is the future kids will get because Rachel Bloom can’t control herself


I’ll just leave this here.



  • Keiser Soze

    Everything wrong with this video:

    1. Nye ironically genders his audience with “guys” in the first sentence.
    2. No one knows this girl from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.
    3. Humans are now apparently referred to as “bipeds” which is ableist against war vets with 1 leg.
    4. “World of ours” implies the earth belongs to humans, which is western chauvinism and not environmentally friendly.
    5. If she has a vagina, she does not have the option of “hard”…she’s stuck with “moist.”
    6. Her vagina does not have a voice; that’s gross. If it makes a sound it is actually air escaping and is rude.
    7. When she sings about her vagina she holds her stomach not her vagina. Anatomy error.
    8. “Metaphorical voice” is 6 syllables and she crams it into a 3 syllable section of the music.
    9. The woman is so out of shape she can’t do a proper front kick her and looks like an elephant trying to walk up steps.
    10. “Butt stuff” is not highly related to evolution. Any mammal that does “butt stuff” routinely will actually be selected out. It’s evolution in the same sense that extinction is evolution.
    11. Sex “stew” assuming it refers to bisexual orgies actually are taboo in most societies. Anthropology error.
    12. This is Gerard Depardieu: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/5/5c/G%C3%A9rard_Depardieu_Cannes_2015_3.jpg/200px-G%C3%A9rard_Depardieu_Cannes_2015_3.jpg
    13. Singer declares that she will have sex with anything. And is proud of this.
    14. No one is boxing in her box.
    15. She recommends jerking off strangers.
    16. After 1:30 minutes of singing she is out of breath. This is pathetic.
    17. Sexuality is not a spectrum. See evolution of mammalian sex. The book Red Queen gives a good description (by Matt or Mark Ridley…I forgot).
    18. 1:38 Bill Nye grooving is sexually repulsive.
    19. No one uses a Fleshlight outdoors. It is used inside, with appropriate shame.
    20. Bill Nye grooving again.
    21. 2:03 Watch her try to kick. It’s like watching someone on their first day of training.
    22. 2:10 – Ironically tells normal people who are going about their business to get off THEIR soapbox while lecturing Americans from a position of ignorance.
    23. Bagels with lox are disgusting…and so maybe her box is better than that.
    24. 2:20 The face of Satan appears.
    25. Ignorant non-scientist calls this “exactly the right message.”

  • “We corrupt in order to rule.”

    – Italian Freemason Giuseppe Mazzini

  • Imperium

    We’re going to need a lot more ovens. This is some of the sickest shit I’ve seen. These rats know no bounds. Protect your children from these sick bastards & throw the TV out the window.