SNP brand Nationalism not for canny Scots

A recent poll suggests the Scottish grá for independence is waning as Brexit becomes more and more of a reality.

Public mood seems to be slipping in the wrong direction as Sturgeons faux nationalism fails to inspire. The Scots are beginning to see that a Scotland under the SNP would be more Venezuelan basket case than Norwegian utopia. Much like with our own Sinn Fein, the SNP have nailed their flag to the mast of Socialism, open borders and EU slavery. How either of these gangs of moral invalids have managed to lever themselves into the label of nationalists is beyond me.

Well recent events in world politics have served to drop the veil on this lefty subversion and the jig is up, as in Scotland at least they are losing support as the natives cop onto their lies. No nationalist would see leaving Westminster for Brussels as anything other than a changing of the guard and in Scotland’s case a very destructive change it would be indeed. It will be interesting to see how a legitimate, right wing nationalism begins to grow in Scotland as the British ‘identity’ continues to crumble under the weight of it’s West Indian/Pakistani pollution.

Ancient Cockney bloodline on display here…

As we see with the recent upsurge in English national sentiment-extra to British identity, a new (or very old?) era in identity dynamic is growing on these islands and with it the Scots have realised that the SNP are peddling anything but Independence.

The SNP have bet on the wrong horse and hopefully they don’t poison the concept of Scottish independence permanently with their treachery.

Likewise the Shinners are betting the family silver on the North choosing the EU over the UK.

We now find ourselves in the hilariously tragic situation of a Northern Assembly composed totally of Unionists! The traditional British unionists on one side while the European unionists occupy the other. Two hounds fighting over a corpse. The only unity on offer seems to be under the yoke of foreign rule.

Time for an alternative.

Tá ár lá tagtha