We wuz immigrants

Barack O’Bummer, Patron saint of jihadi jigaboos and God emperor to the low-T masses has spoken!

The slithery one has reappeared to the people after 3 months of intensive golfing and masturbation to proclaim, that todays immigrants into the US are the same as Irish immigrants during the Great Hunger. Once again the false equivalence is rolled out using good old Paddy as the stick to beat white America with.

Seemingly a Mestizo baby rapist claiming welfare and evading border laws is no different from an Irish refugee, arriving and being recruited straight into the ranks of the host army to die at Gettysburg. Somehow the two experiences equate.

A White Christian population arriving and earning their place in a White Christian society, under some of the harshest circumstances, does not parallel with an invasion of criminally inclined and smugly entitled untermensch, hell bent on ‘making America brown again’.

It’ll be the oven for you Manuel

This is another example of the same argument we face here at home, where limp wristed serfs will happily tell you how the Irish dispersal to the four corners of the earth entitles all and sundry to come and settle our homeland. Indeed it entitles them to all the trimmings of social welfare, a bump up to the top of our housing lists and access to any and all public services!

Paid for by you.

And all because you are descended from the Irish people who DIDN’T leave these shores.

O’Bummer, of the ancient and venerable Offaly clan O’Bummer, made this pronouncement as he slouched through an ego massage session at the University of Chicago. His return to public discourse accompanied by the usual media splooshing and fanfare.

It would boil your piss.