Our Ibrahim still not getting away with it

Ibrahim Halawa, Muslim Brotherhood royalty and sometime ‘Dubliner’ has seen his trial postponed for the 22nd time today.

Of course most of you already know this because the Irish media has decided the paedophile worshiper is our generation’s Gerry Conlon. Whether we want him or not (and even the normies are seeing through this one) the powers that be have decided he’s one of us and we have to go to any length to get him out of trouble.

Today’s good news has been heralded as per usual by Colm O’Gorman (famous bumboy and Amnesty International mouthpiece) trotting out the usual manure.

The kind of man who eats coleslaw with his bare hands.

“Amnesty has conducted a thorough, independent review of the prosecution evidence and concluded that he was arrested solely for peacefully exercising his right to freedom of assembly and expression.”

These twats think none of us have the wherewithal to read the Muslim Brotherhood’s manifesto, or to do any kind of digging into the truth about this virulent jihadi. Watch this space as I am preparing a more in depth article about the events that led to Halawa’s detention and what his family and their community are up to over in Clonskeagh mosque.

Sufficed to say Amnesty international along with our complicit media, are campaigning on behalf of an avowed Islamist and Sharia law promoter. An individual who is part of an existential threat to our nation. It is an overt attack upon the integrity of our people’s peace and well-being by attempting to secure this subversive and protect him from the justice of the rope.

Minister for Foreign affairs (and friend of Israel) Charlie Flanagan is knee deep in the treachery of course. I wonder how many Irish are detained abroad that Flanagan has no intention of helping? There’s an awful lot of resources going to this street shitters release anyway, it’s almost like there’s something bigger going on.

“The government, my own Department of Foreign Affairs and our embassy in Cairo will continue to monitor all developments in relation to Ibrahim Halawa’s case and his health and welfare, which remain matters of the utmost concern.”

Your father is spinning in his grave Charlie.

These people are guilty of treason if they bring that animal back to this island, pure and simple.