Two arrested in Waterford terror sting

There has been an arrest of two people aged in their twenties today in Waterford.

Information at this point is thin on the ground but this is part of an international operation involving several authorities. An Islamic element has been confirmed by Gardai although little else is forthcoming.

The subversives have been detained under Section 4 of the Criminal Justice Act and can be held initially for 24 hours in Ballybricken station. Hopefully they get a good hiding in the meantime.

It has been known for some time that Ireland is a haven for these goat fuckers, they keep a low profile here and use our easy going system and highly sought after passports to access other parts of Europe with ease. It’s good to see that they are getting some attention from the authorities.

None the less I expect Ireland isn’t far off it’s first dose of enrichment from the religion of peace.

I wrote just yesterday on the media masturbation over poor Dubliner Ibrahim Halawa.

The scrotes family and organisation are part of the jihad against Europe and Ireland and as incidents like this increase so will the propaganda. The average citizen here doesn’t quite grasp the scale or nature of Moslem population here. It will be interesting as things heat up around the border again to see how established groups and the new, goat fucker variety paramilitaries interact.

Will our heroic lefty dissidents chum up with the scum? Judging by their maniacal worship of Palestinians it wouldn’t be a stretch to see them helping rather than hindering the Mohammedans.

Between the looming issue of Islamic filth, the growing social disaster that is Nigerians and the recent tensions in the North, expect your country to become a turbulent place in the near future Paddy.