Jiihadi charged in Waterford terror case

Further on from yesterdays arrests in Waterford, we have been granted a clearer picture as to those involved and their actions.

Hassan Bal is a 25 year old dole scrounger living in Waterford over 10 years now. One of Shatters lovely ‘New Irish’, he holds citizenship here and in the UK where he was born.Seemingly this all centres around the raising of funds for radical Islamist groups.

The curry wog in question

An international investigation of some 18 months has been undertaken in relation to it and the charges relate to incidents from late 2015. Of course the roach has been granted legal aid, naturally.

The female suspect-who remains unnamed, has been released for the time being pending investigation.

A few things stand out here.

The scale and optics of this whole affair, the fact we are talking about a relatively small amount of money raised (in the hundreds) seems a bit odd to me considering the time and resources dedicated. I suspect there is much more going on. The court appearance was attended by senior local Gardaí and security has been described as very tight, bit of a fuss over what seems a low level mullah gathering relatively small change.

If you consider that every Muslim gives 2.5% of their income toward jihad, as is laid out in the Quran, you can be certain money has been poring from this country into jihadi networks for decades now.

With long time established Halal factories across the island and the heavy presence of the Muslim Brotherhood, the presence of one subversive sending his dole to ISIS is not that significant really. If you don’t already know, then you should read up on Zakat and how every time you purchase halal, you are indirectly funding these baby thieves.

Ireland specifically has been perceived as a sort of safe zone for these animals, which they use to hide out under relatively lax scrutiny and prepare operations in the UK and beyond. Our instance of ISIS membership is also among the highest in Europe when calculated per capita.

Considering this whole thing has the look of being organised internationally, you have to wonder if their is any real initiative in our domestic agencies to monitor these scumshits?