On the nation of sheep

“A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves”

What E.R. Murrow failed to add to this statement is that a nation is always sheep, the real question is whether it is the wolves or the Shepherds who hold sway.

Often in discussion among the right, you will hear disdainful if not angry comment on how the wider population are content to simply float through life, never questioning or showing curiosity as to why the world is the way it is. Never stopping to question why they believe as they do, or more importantly why they follow the people and entities that they do. We refer to them as sheep and rightly so.

It is easy to be disgusted, if not at their actions which are following the group anyway, then certainly at their lack of any sense of inquiry.

The truth is that it is natural and important for the majority of any population to be sheep, society cannot function if we are all chiefs and no braves. We have evolved as a species to be followers in the majority of cases and only a minority in each generation has the in-built desire to lead, or even simply to question.

This is a strength in actuality, it ensures a group can function in a proper hierarchical manner. Further on to that we can see there are always factions within those who are of a questioning nature, there must always be a struggle to lead as legitimacy in leadership must be earned.

Right now the majority world view is that which has been given them by certain (((elites))) whom control the narrative. True to human nature the sheep follow unquestioningly, often zealous in their application of the accepted culture.

That madness you see in the eyes of blue-haired harridans, screeching for the right to gouge out their wombs, is also present in the visage of Islamists doing just about anything. The struggle for society is not a game of majorities but of those small minorities, trying to claim the sheep in the middle by mastering each other in the sheep’s perception.

We have seen this example in it’s extreme before, right here in the Republic.

I have met many victims of the church and its assorted groups over the years, the circles my family moved in led to meeting many people like that and hearing many of their experiences. What stood out about the abuse in Ireland during the last century is not so much the nature of the actions and abuses, but the universality of enabling it.

Public discourse gets very carried away with blaming the church and while I’m not defending them, it cannot be brushed under the carpet that almost every level of society here took part. That harridan I just mentioned? No different from the sneering Magdalene sister, spewing her bile at some girl as she takes her illegitimate child from the maternity bed.

I notice some Irish Nationalists holding onto Catholicism as a means to retain Traditionalism, this is not something that bothers me over much. What does bother me is the insinuation that the criminality meted out here didn’t happen or is exaggerated, that line of opinion is treachery to ones blood, pure and simple.

It is of course more of the sheep mentality, following without thinking.

Nowadays we see the same criminality but by a different vehicle. This time rabid lefties encourage young girls to whore themselves, to undermine their own integrity in all respects and then devalue it some more. Our men are committing suicide, physically and spiritually, as their position and dignity in society is denied them. While our women are driven to literal madness, ill used time and again and forced to despise their very nature, until they realise too late they should have followed their biological imperative. All the while this moral degradation occurs in a sort of carnival atmosphere as the sheep gladly herd themselves into the slaughterhouse.

Where before authorities turned the other cheek to pederasts destroying children, only to then chastise those youths when they invariably acted out or fell victim to their trauma. Now we fund and import Islamic filth, soon to set up the usual grooming networks, while increasingly bringing sexual degeneracy to a point of reverence in society. Rotherham is happening on these shores already I am certain. In neither of these times have the majority made a peep, small sounds of protest shut down in short order, the sin of questioning the established norm a dark stain to bare.

I am using the example of Catholic madness here, but as I stated earlier it is true in any societies. You can get the sheep to do anything so long as you keep the other active minority in check. This is the lesson we have to take forward if we are to reclaim our nation, once we conquer the active groups arrayed against us, the sheep will fall in line and be as malleable to our values they were to the enemy’s.

People will stoop to any low simply to follow the norm and fit in, as regrettable as that may seem, we must note how that affects the nature of our struggle and try not to hate the flock for following it’s nature.

  • Jake

    Excellent and insightful article. A leader of a people is one who pursues and implements the interests of those people. It is natural for our people to be led by real White Men pursuing and implementing their interests. Though it’s obviously not easy to quickly correct our situation given the ground that we have lost, true leadership is something many of our people will respect and respond to favorably when we are actually displaying it.