How cRap music is saving languages on the brink of extinction


RAP HAS BEEN called a universal language — but it can also be a tool to preserve languages at risk.

In small communities around the world, indigenous people have been embracing rap as a means of communication, giving new lifeblood to their languages while reaching unexpected new audiences

Showing just how low IQ these indigenous people are if they’re embracing this poison for communication

“Some people previously thought that rap was simply music about drugs and violence. But for us music is about how we speak and how we live,” Dairon Tascon told AFP by telephone

This music is very much about drugs and violence along with the sexualisation of our youth. Rap culture is extremely sick & harmful, not just to Dindus but to white children. Our kids idolise these low IQ criminals through (((their))) promotion of our (((controlled media))).

If you have children do not let them listen to or watch this poison. Better still get rid of your TV altogether.