The Muslim Brotherhood

The public face of subversive Islamic activity in the west

I mentioned in a previous article that I intend to write about the Halawa family, the circumstances around their involvement in the Egyptian uprising that resulted in Ibrahim Halawa’s detention and their community. I have concluded that the best way to go about this is in several parts and in the interests of being thorough, I will begin with their community.

The Muslim Brotherhood.

This organisation is, if not the root cause, then a major influence on why Egypt found itself in such social upheaval during the summer of 2013.

Origin and goals

The Society of the Muslim Brothers, better known as The Muslim Brotherhood, is a transnational Sunni organization founded in Egypt by Islamic scholar and schoolteacher Hassan al-Banna in 1928. The organisation has many supporters throughout the Islamic sphere and has influenced other Islamist groups such as Hamas with its model and ethos, specifically political activism combined with Islamic charity work. Their stated goal is sharia law at every level of society from the family home to the state.

Jihad is our way

Using such slogans as “Allah is our objective; the Qur’an is the Constitution; the Prophet is our leader; jihad is our way; death for the sake of Allah is our wish” you can see why things became contentious in Egypt, after the MB supported president Mubarak began to radically modify the secular Egyptian system.

They have garnered much success through providing education, healthcare and support for business to Muslims in many countries, especially Egypt. Even in the face of harsh crackdowns and being made illegal in some jurisdictions, they have continued to flourish and grow to the point of having a notable international sphere of influence.

Of course they proclaim themselves as peaceful and democratic, but in the face of their promotion of Islamic doctrine that is a blatant lie.

Where they are active

The MB have a presence or influence in a huge swathe of not just the Sunni Muslim world, but across the planet. With the support of ruling parties in such places as Turkey, Palestine, Qatar and Sudan they enjoy an influential position across the Sunni world and were even at one point considered a threat to the Saudi royal families hegemony in Saudi Arabia.

Across Europe they have many mosques and active groups and compose one of the most substantial Islamic entities on the continent. Although they were forced to move their HQ from London to Austria in the wake of an investigation launched by the British PM David Cameron.

Here in Ireland the Clonskeagh mosque is considered one the major MB touchstones in Europe and the Halawa family themselves are something of an aristocratic line in the eyes of MB membership. With no shortage of funding coming out of the ME from places like Dubai and an already questionable reputation here, even among the chattering classes, Clonskeagh looks to be the seat of something far more insidious than just a cultural centre.

In the U.S.A. the Brotherhood have seemed to enjoy quite a lot of influence, with Obama’s attitude toward them under scrutiny more than once for it’s overly friendly demeanour. They have proven immune thus far to attempts at proscribing them a terrorist group. Trump’s administration may change that though as Ted Cruz was spearheading earlier attempts and he is an established force in the newly triumphant GOP.


The Brotherhood are a proscribed organisation in seven countries at this time, Russia, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the UAE. With almost a century of violent activity ascribed to them in many regions worldwide, they certainly stay true to form as regards Islamic fundamentalism. With few exceptions, places where they operate exhibit a direct correlation between the potency of their influence and how much Islamic barbarism is in evidence.

It is no accident they are so invested in Ireland either, as the Irish passport is highly valued for it’s access through almost all borders, along with Irish governments not having a clue which way is up, they enjoy an easy springboard into Britain and Europe here and can operate unfettered. Even when they are caught overseas engaged in subversive behaviours our authorities and media bend over backwards to accommodate them.

With not just the establishment but supposed nationalist party Sinn Fein being so heavily involved in securing the release of Ibrahim Halawa, the nature of this group is going to become increasingly relevant here in Ireland and across Europe.