A tale of misery from Ballaghaderreen

Shame on you paddy!

These poor traumatised hairy toddlers, fleeing from the war in Calais are now suffering anudda shoah in the pit of hell that is Roscommon!

Scenes from Ballaghaderreen creche, those poor babies!

Right fair enough Roscommon’s a hole, but these mullahs are exhibiting once again the cheeky gibsmedat attitude that has been in evidence all over Europe. Not only are we to feed, house and educate these roaches but we must also entertain them. We know what they are after as well, they’re clearly disgusted at the lack of rapeability in the local market.

Through this RTE report, brought to you by none other than Ciaran ‘Mad Bastard’ Mullooly, we are relayed the heartbreaking story of life in sunny, leafy and peaceful Ballaghaderreen. The PTSD is permanently triggered by the total absence of any kind of stress or danger, not to mention the lack of work or contribution being asked of these barnacles.

Without any kind of irony, a female unicorn refugee relates her desperate flight from war torn Syria Turkey towards Greece, where they spent a ‘really terrible’ year.

In Greece. The war zone.
“How am I supposed to recover if you won’t let me fuck people against their will?”

We then move on to a visibly traumatised 4 year old child named Kamel, who is bored off his tits effectively, because that’s why he’s here, for the circus and dancing girls. Some other prick lands in then to make the same bs complaints while also intimating that he left his mother and family (lets assume there’s elderly, women and children included) in Syria.

This is the Syria where there really is a war and people really are suffering and dying.

The irony of this whole clip, the obvious plot holes and lack of shame from these muzzrats is so blatant that smoothy Mullooly is struggling to swing it as a sob story.

These pox bottles are part of a mob that has ransacked and raped it’s way across Europe and they’re expecting to the same here. Wait till they find their way to a town where women and children are present, the problems on the continent will become all too real for us then.