Mother of electrician accused of terrorist financing assures court he ‘is obedient to me’

“Since my son was born, when I tell him to do something, he will do it,” she said. “He will do that as his duty to God because his mother is a very important part of his faith.”

What else would this scumbags mother say. His mother being a traitor called Dr Caroline Ward-Fahy. A Muslims duty to God is what exactly Mrs Fahy? This is going to be another long drawn out process costing the Irish people a fortune in the process.

It has been shown the most radical Muslims in other countries are second & third generation born in Europe. Also it must be asked where is his father in all this? In the U.K. most likely with his 5 wives, 20 kids & costing them hundreds of thousands a year in welfare. The joys of DIEversity.

So thanks a bunch for this Dr Caroline (Sleeping With the Enemy) Ward-Fahy. Your treacherous actions have put the Irish people in great danger.