A sunny day in May

The annual May Day marches and demonstrations have been and gone without too much drama, at least as far as Ireland is concerned.

The running theme across all groups involved was the homeless crisis, so we had the usual faces making the usual diatribes and avoiding the usual uncomfortable facts.

Nothing was said about the recent housing of Zappone’s toddlers in Ballaghaderreen, nor the numbers in Dublin of non-nationals housed on the social housing scheme. Nobody thought to address the overwhelmingly Irish demographic of the homeless people in evidence.

It was just the usual bleeding hearts, lefty amadans and filthy communists as usual, with the Worker’s Solidarity Anarchists slithering along of course.

Here you can see antifa flags waving on Dublin streets while in Paris their comrades were busy murdering civil servants, or burning down homes in Philadelphia U.S.A.. Accompanied by the usual assortment of human detritus, commies and lefty pukes of every shade.

And what would it be without the obligatory decrying of racism! The great scourge of our time!

A victory for the chinless.

We have in this country a crisis indeed.

Our schools, hospitals and social welfare are utterly overburdened. Our homelessness is as bad as it has ever been and rapidly deteriorating. Our housing list is not being relieved at an effective rate and social cohesion is in the toilet, yet nobody is speaking about the elephant in the room.

Our native population is now down to 82% and that’s at a conservative estimate, when you add in how many vibrants don’t fill in census data and the government’s own projection as to how many illegals we have we could be another 10% down. Considering that just the African community has an unemployment rate of 40% and up, as unemployed it follows they are being assisted by the state, what evidence have we the other groups differ?

How much do we pay out annually in child benefit for non-Irish spawn? How many hospital beds taken up by leprous third-world invasive?

Our schools are teaming with their proceed in a country carrying 40% of EU debt and yet the limp-wristed must march against racism? They exhort the government to deal with homelessness while delightedly cheering on the invaders who have been given those resources instead?

I wish I could say they were just imbeciles.

The truth is these people hate you, they hate your children, they want you replaced or bred out and they want it done yesterday. Take stock of those who marched, they are your enemy. The time is rapidly approaching when they will violently resist your attempts to reclaim your homeland for yourself and the well being of your children.

  • Keiser Soze

    “The truth is these people hate you, they hate your children, they want you replaced or bred out and they want it done yesterday.”

    True, you see in order for them to be good little boys and girls and morally righteous. You have to be evil. These people are the most racist people on the planet in that they want you and your Nation dead! They then PROJECT that racism onto us!!!!

    All from behind their gated communities and with Daddy’s credit cards!