Garda SDU monitoring Islamic activity nationwide

It seems that our Special Detective Unit are actively monitoring several Islamic extremists here in Ireland

This information comes hot on the heels of the much publicised arrests made in Waterford over the last couple of weeks, involving an ISIS affiliated money laundering operation. In an article posted yesterday on it is maintained that upwards of 20 people nationwide are under surveillance for money laundering and other fund raising activities related to Islamic barbarism.

The article goes on to flesh out how, since the Stockholm attack, Irish authorities have upped their game as regards the mullahs and are things are not expected to become violent here in the near future. This is thanks to our much vaunted and totally inaccurate image as a neutral entity on the world stage.

A few points

The article mentions Sweden’s likewise neutrality didn’t protect it from attack, but is careful not to point out the obvious reason Sweden was attacked. The direct correlation between the population size of Muslims and the instance of Islamic barbarism is ignored here and the reader is left without any good reason as to why Sweden was attacked-or why Ireland wouldn’t be. It simply points out that it’s unlikely.

To an extent I agree it is unlikely, but for different reasons than insinuated.

I have written before how Ireland is a safe house for these goat fuckers, a place to rest in relative obscurity, gather funds and plan. It would behoove them still to keep their powder dry around these parts as it affords them a place to operate unmolested, if they feck it up by driving down Grafton St mowing down posh kids, it will make long term operation a hassle.

Also the fact the SDU are monitoring a few small money launders and not the big institutions like Clonskeagh Mosque or the Arab Chamber of Commerce would raise alarm bells. This whole article is an exercise in keeping us in the dark about the nature of Islam and how it operates here and everywhere.

If you want to understand how Islam works just think of it like this.

They form their own markets and monetary system, pay tax internally and on to larger entities back in Islamic territories. They keep their own courts and system of law and they do all this under the nose of native structures. They act with total impunity in these matters as they have across Europe and especially in the UK.

A couple of money laundering curry shops in D4 isn’t the problem, the existence of an Islamic community of any nature is the problem.

If our government isn’t wise to this than they are imbeciles, but I suspect they are and just like the British government they are complicit.