Jewish banker elected President

Quelle surprise!!

The expected has come to pass and France has voted for more societal prolapse rather than be seen as racist. There will be much condemnation from some of our less clued in comrades especially in the new world, where the ‘France is over’ line will be repeated ad nauseum for the near future.

So let’s go through the key points of this whole episode.

Firstly, in France you have one the most thoroughly zogged, degenerate nations in Europe and it has been for a considerable time now. Their entire identity is tied up in lefty horse bollocks conceptions-

Liberté égalité fraternité

-is their national motto! Liberty, equality and fraternity!

We’re talking about a nation that is most proud of the fact it employs unnatural world views and systems as it’s core values! A nation delighted with the fact they wiped out their strongest and most valuable blood lines centuries ago. Of all the European nations they would be the most resistant to nationalism and its virtues.

Secondly, they employ an electoral system that favours negative voting patterns, the French don’t vote for a President, they vote against the runner-up. Le Pen was always a total outsider and in fact you would be right to be surprised she passed into the second round at all.

More importantly, Le Pen is controlled opposition herself. She is part of the cabal that includes Trump, Farage, Wilders and more, who are there to stymie the inevitable reaction to this destruction of European civilisations. The sooner people realise this, along with the fact that voting isn’t going to get us out of this mess, the better.

Let me qualify some of what I just said;

  • Trump-utterly Zionist controlled from the off and we knew it, has made great work at letting down his entire voter base-He isn’t the solution to white Americans problems, just a placebo.

  • Farage- A man who bragged his party had single-handedly dismantled the ‘far-right’ in Britain, sold Brits the idea that Brexit would cure their ills. The truth is that the UK’s biggest migrant issue stems from the commonwealth countries like Pakistan and the West indies, the Eu was a secondary problem yet Farage sold Joe Englishman a lemon and rode into the sunset.

  • Wilders is a socialist who doesn’t like Islam, the Dutch would still be miscegenated out of existence under him he just wouldn’t make them die off in a mosque.

These examples are present in most of the white nations suffering catastrophe at the moment, zogged actors posing as the solution and directing nationalist fervour in the wrong directions.

Back to France

I don’t want to seem as though I have no sympathy for the average Frenchman who has just seen their hopes thrown to the dogs. In truth I would like to point out this is a good thing. The right minded French who have voted Le Pen will now come to the realisation (I hope) that democracy is a broken system, where the sheep lead the shepherd and in order to take their country back they must look to other-more legitimate avenues.

For all of us there exists this immutable truth, we have no advocates in the halls of power-not in power or opposition and we cannot vote our way out of this crisis.

Many Frenchmen learned that today.