Banksy and Graffiti Art

The Journal:

Banksy’s new mural shows a man chipping away at the stars in the European flag
It appeared on a building near the Dover ferry terminal over the weekend.

BANKSY, THE RENOWNED (if elusive) artist, has a new artwork.

The mural of a workman chipping away at the stars in the EU flag, which appeared near the Dover ferry terminal overnight on Saturday, is a not-too-subtle comment on Brexit and the UK general election.

Pictures of the mural appeared on his Instagram account, and representatives have confirmed it is genuine.

The anonymous artist’s subversive and satirical humour has achieved huge international renown since he surfaced in the 1990s.

Hailing from the underground activist culture of Bristol, his stencilled output often features anti-establishment messages.

Thank you “The Journal”, stellar work as usual.

O.K. I’m not a particular fan of graffiti “art” but this is beautiful. Clearly a nod to Brexit but on a grander scale I like to think of it as a comment about the E.U.’s future in general.

The E.U. is an unelected tyranny that is absolutely anti-democratic (Google: “Lisbon referendum Ireland” for more on this).

In the E.U. you vote until you get it right and what exactly is “right”?

MORE E.U. that’s what!

Well anyway back to Banksy. Spending a lot of time in urban areas as I do this is what I see on a regular basis.

That is why I have all the time in the world for Banksy… his effort posting!

So what is the difference between some aspiring street Jackson Pollock with a can of spray paint and Banksy aside from talent and level of effort.

One word actually, “intent”.

Generally speaking young graffiti artists have a very limited set of motivations for what they do be it tagging, trying to impress their friends or trying to impress some social justice community scheme judges by showcasing their “art” on a mural wall designated for use in some young offenders scheme by the local council.

Banksy’s intent however is to subvert. It always has been, even after he got famous.

Call me an art snob but that’s true artistic integrity; having a motivation and intention behind one’s art that extends beyond oneself and keeping that intention regardless of changing circumstances.

Oh one more reason I like Banksy, he hates globalism almost as much as I/we do.

Banksy… LOL

I do hope that one day life will imitate art and we will chip the necrotic growth known as the E.U. off the face of our Nation.

  • Nationalist4UK

    Good article
    Also to add, back in mid 2015, one veteran called up port of Dover police offering assistance to find illegal immigrants.