Bread and Circuses

There are few entities out there that quite capture the utterly base and vacuous nature of the modern zeitgeist like Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
A look that says “Prepare your anus”

We are familiar at this point with his almost cartoonish, desperate attempts to be the one cuck to rule them all. His imbecilic comments such as-

“Honour killings shouldn’t be called barbaric”

along with his stock image liberal behaviour (crying at the drop of a hat, being the biggest faggot at gay pride, converting to Islam every so often etc….) make him a good bet for the biggest twat who ever lived. What’s more worrying is the cult following he has among the dysfunctionals that is likely only second to O’Bummer.

Sore bums for world peace fuck yeah!!

Today’s rant is inspired by an article posted in, another chewing-gum-for-the-brain style resource with an Irish theme. In the article (made relevant because Trudeau was meeting with our own paragon of eugenics Taoiseach Enda Kenny) there is much fapping over the ever quirky Trudeau’s Star Wars socks.

This is wild

Here we have the chance to combine the Ubercuckenfuhrer with another liberal golden calf, Star Wars. But what’s this?? Shock! He has mismatched the pair! Implying he has more then one set! ZOMG!

This little ditty warranted not just an Irish Central article but the New York Times relayed the fantastic news also-in fact it is a viral sensation!!!

(I realise the irony of my writing about this also)

The article continues on with the usual arse lickery your average self hating paddy needs for validation,

“oh you’re country’s beautiful I was there as a lad!”

“Ah sher I’m a great fan of Yeats!”

The point of all this?

Nothing, absolutely nothing.

World leaders are telly celebs in the current year. People don’t want to know how many Canadian teenagers are raped by Somalians or how the economy is being sodomised for gibs. All they want is a steady output of Star Wars, Harry Potter, Femmunism, sassy Beyonce gifs etc.

I suppose it’s still shocking to see Irish people lap up the bullshit like everyone else, I had more faith in our scepticism.