All your organs are belong to us

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‘You can’t take your organs with you’: Harris to bring in opt-out system next year
“Donating your organs is the most selfless act that anybody can actually do.”
Health Minister Simon Harris
Twerp Minister Simon Harris Image: Sam Boal/

SIMON HARRIS HAS said he hopes an opt-out organ donation system will be in place in Ireland next year.

The Health Minister was speaking at the opening of Organ Donation and Transplant Ireland’s (ODTI) new headquarters on Temple Street in Dublin city.

Harris told reporters at the event: ”Donating your organs is the most selfless act that anybody can actually do. I’ve met some parents here today who, when their child passed away, donated their child’s organs which benefitted five other families. It really is the gift of life.

“We have a lot of work to do, and the area that I want to see progressed is the Human Tissue Bill. I’d like to move to an opt-out system, where people have an opportunity to have given presumed consent – useless you actually opt out, it’s presumed you would like your organs to be donated.”

Giving the gift of an organ is a wonderful thing but surely it is a personal choice.

Well Simon Harris a minister who looks like he doesn’t need to change his razor blades very often wants to make it so that the state by default has a kind of ownership over your very body.

I mean let’s think about this. Successive Irish governments have saddled us and our children’s children’s children with massive debt as a result of banking malfeasance just so an illegitimate fiat currency, namely the euro, can continue to exist and hold us enslaved to the death and debt cycle on behalf of the banking parasites that caused the financial crisis in the first place.

This government has sold off and effectively privatised our primary natural resource, water.

They inflicted punitive austerity measures while they themselves enjoyed lavish lifestyles courtesy of their expense accounts and fat salaries.

They endlessly preach and moralise about whatever the latest inane social justice warrior craze is while undermining the fabric of moral decency in this country with corrosive referendums like the faggot marriage referendum.

They are constantly and insidiously amending the constitution to garner more and more power over the citizenry.

For example the amendment to the constitution concerning the states right to intervention in children’s welfare which essentially changed the primary caregivers of the child from the child’s parents to the state itself. Like I said, insidious.

And now, now this twerp Simon Harris who looks like his mother still dresses him in the morning wants to remove even more of your rights to personal sovereignty and make it so that the state has “force majeure” over your goddamn kidneys! Unbelievable.