In 2011, The European Commission Predicted Over 40% of the Irish Population will be Non-Irish by 2061

I am not a believer in cutting and pasting articles without adding some commentary or insight/analysis but it just wouldn’t be right unless I reblogged THE DAILY STORMER as is at least once!

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Actually the only addition I would make to this is Danny McCoy of IBEC’s comment from the IBEC conference in Dublin Castle 2015:

Danny McCoy of IBEC – Trust me a cháirde, I am a globalist

“THE ISLAND OF Ireland can expect to hit a population of 10 million before 2050 – and people should “embrace” that growth” – Danny McCoy

How can the population grow if there are documented declining birth rates? Yes he means grow via mass immigration. He means population replacement, not growth!

He said on current trends the population across the island would pass 10 million before the second half of the century and that brought with it…

“a range of new and exciting opportunities, but also challenges”.

What he means is lower labour costs for corporations, gang rape and um I dunno maybe Rotherham style kebab restaurants to ensure a supply of wayward young girls for the industrial scale gang rape.


McCoy also said said big infrastructure gaps in health, transport, education and energy needed to be fixed as a priority, as did the shortage of available housing.

“As it stands, we’re not investing nearly enough,” Danny McCoy
What he means is that we are not investing near enough in immigration/invasion.

Well Andrew Anglin provides some raw data regarding the ethnic cleansing of the Irish People in their own country by their own Government!


Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 7, 2017

Eurostat is the European Commission’s organization for statistics.

Waaaaaay back in 2011, they predicted that by 2061, roughly 40% of the population of Ireland would have a “foreign background.”

That was a long, long time before the current “migrant crisis,” which is obviously speeding everything up rapidly.

We are being systematically replaced in our own countries.

That is the bottom line.

And it is not complicated.

Anyone who tries to make this seem more complicated by talking about economics or wars or whatever is just trying to Jew you.

The agenda is to bring in foreigners, to give our women over to them, and then for us to simply stop existing.

This is a Jewish agenda.

And it is genocide.

And it is happening right before our eyes.