Another attempted child abduction by faceless scumbag

An attempted child abduction was foiled yesterday in Lucan as the victim, an 11 year old boy, managed to free himself after a struggle

The offender entered the back garden of the victim’s home at around 7pm yesterday and took the boy out through a side entrance, dragging him some way up the road before the lad could break free.

This had been reported initially in and then picked up by the .

Why has this not garnered attention in the larger publications?

Why have we yet again not been provided with a description?

It has now been confirmed as a hoax by Gardaí investigating the case**

This is another in a recent trend of attempted child abductions that have received a muted response in the press and little or no description of the attackers.

Back in February we had a two year old child nearly taken from a Lidl where she was with her mother, again only the tabloids picked it up and you would be forgiven for having never heard about it.

Again in march a five year old girl was almost taken from her front garden in Camolin, Wexford. This was more widely reported upon but there doesn’t seem to have been any follow-up, the description is loose to say the least.

Finally let’s not forget the attempted abduction of two 15 year old girls in Duleek back in March. This time a description was provided, possibly by accident as it was a local councillor and not a reporter who released the news first-

This man was driving a silver car, tanned, spoke with a foreign accent and was wearing a red & yellow baseball hat

This incident will have ominous correlations with the widespread, industrial scale and state enabled Islamic child rape industry in the UK over the past three decades.

So why the lack of descriptions in most cases? Most of us would expect the first thing about a violent case where the perpetrator is still on the loose to be accompanied by a description, so as to put the general public wide if for no other reason. Now we are left guessing, or if not we get slim pickings like

heavy set man in red jumper, dark hair

Well that narrows it fucking down doesn’t it!

What we are seeing is the beginnings of what the Brits have experienced over the past several decades, a ramp up in child brutalisation by imported filth that is gradually to be swept under the carpet by a complicit media and law enforcement.

I will write later in the week about Ismahil Akinade, the Bohemians footballer who got a free pass on brutally gang raping a fourteen year old girl in Kildare some years ago, only to then see all evidence of his crimes scrubbed from the media. I wonder is his ethnicity or Islamic religion in any way responsible for his total immunity to justice?

Boh’s supporters cheering for a fiend like this all because he can kick a ball

Your children are being targeted here Irish man, what are you going to do about it?