12 yr old boy who wears make-up talks about being bullied

Let children be children for fucks sake. You wouldn’t allow a 12 year old girl to go around like this, so why a boy? Oh it’s because he’s a degenerate queer & we all know queers can do anything they please today. Of course the liberal media fawns all over this young lad. His mother sitting there with him is fully to blame. She shouldn’t be indulging his mental illness at such a young age. I see a life of drugs, depression, and HIV ahead for this guy.


  • Roddy Wehrmacht

    I foresee a gruesome, semen-stained death in some filthy backwoods basement for this little faggot.

    • Sooner the better, before he infects more young boys with his mental illness.

    • Imperium

      A sticky end if you will ?