Irish for Israel WTF?

We here at Beyond the Pale know how to admit when we are wrong.

After reading the Irish for Israel website which is, as they tell us in their Twitter bio, a “grassroots movement”we can see that we were totally mistaken when it comes to International Judaism.

Nice of them to (((identify))) themselves for us. Become a member for the low, low price of 20 shekels. That’s what your soul costs.

Sure there are minor double standards such as the fact that Israel and Israel-based charity NGOs are always the first one is pushing for Europe to accept refugees while Israel accepts none.

Jews are always the first ones to complain when any Western country says that it wants to be ethnically homogenous while at the same time they have their own ethno-state complete with massive walls.

But look let’s forget about that because according to this wonderful (((grassroots organisation based in Ireland))) Israel has Irish roots!

The truth is that the orthodox religious caste of Israel, those wonderful rabbis, hold deeply felt and shared beliefs that the goyim, that you and me by the way, and nothing more than beasts and are there just to be used and abused by Jews.

This derision toward the “goyim” is patently obvious in the way that Israel holds a double standard when it comes to all of its dealings with the rest of the world.

So when I see a manufactured and forced shilling site like this I have to wonder if the people who made it would look hu-white to Jared Taylor too.

This Irish4Israel site is about as naturally “grass roots” as Astroturf is.

Shlomo has got some nerve.