Way cleared to deport Islamic terror plotter from Ireland

The High Court, Dublin
Irish Four Courts where the phrase “he was a good boy, dindu nuffins” is starting to be heard

The High Court has refused to give a convicted Islamic terrorist leave to appeal against a judgment – a decision that has paved the way for his deportation.

The man, described as a threat to national security, can now be deported to his home country.

Source: Way cleared to deport Islamic terror plotter from Ireland – Independent.ie

So my question is why was he even here in the first place?

Also when you think about places like the Clonskeagh Mosque how many more resident Islamists are getting all geared up to start praising Allah with some trademark carnage here.

You know it doesn’t matter to them, an infidel is an infidel.

He has convictions for serious terror offences in his home country and France.

His application was made under a false name and he falsely claimed his parents and brother were killed by extremists.

He had in fact been convicted and sentenced to death in his home country for forming an armed terrorist group, murder, arson, theft and possession of “war weapons”, but it appears he did not serve any of those sentences and managed to travel to Ireland.

Why do we tolerate this in our society?