Ashers Bakery goes to War with the Faggots

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THE HIGHEST COURT in the UK will hear the case of a Christian-owned bakery who were judged to have breached equality laws by refusing to make a wedding cake that supported gay marriage.

In 2015, a Belfast District Court ruled that the Ashers Bakery’s refusal to bake the cake amounted to “a clear case of discrimination”.

Late last year, the bakery lost an appeal to that ruling.

The UK Supreme Court will hear an appeal to the case in October.

Daniel McArthur, general manager at Ashers, said: “The fact that the Supreme Court is willing to hear arguments is very encouraging and reflects the importance of the issues and the high-profile nature of the case.”

The Ashers Bakery Company had initially taken the order from a customer for a cake with a picture of Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street – with a slogan that read  ’Support Gay Marriage’.

Ashers Bakery court case
Source: Brian Lawless PA Archive/PA Images

The customer also asked for the logo of LGBT organisation Queer Space to be placed on the icing.

Igniting what was to become a long-running public row – Ashers said that, after consulting about the order, they decided that they would not be able to complete it, and informed the customer before refunding him.

It was decided by the Northern Ireland Equality Commission that their decision breached laws against discrimination. This was backed up by the District Court and the High Court.

I think they should have just baked the cake. Here are some suggestions, the next time two fags come in and ask for their anal agenda to be advertised on a cake say sure and bake them something nice…

The problem with the liberal and social justice warrior agenda is that it never stops.

Take for example the faggot agenda.

Before the 1950s these people conducted their sordid business behind closed doors but after the (((Cultural Revolution))) of the 1960s things started to change.

Initially they just wanted to be tolerated. Then as time went on they wanted to be accepted.

More recently they wanted to be celebrated by society and congratulated.

Fast forward now to present-day and we have a situation where they want to destroy anybody who holds a different view to them. So much for tolerance fags!

We are in a war and Ashers Bakery is on the frontline.

If you ever happen to be up in the North make sure you support these amazing people.

Grab some cake and a coffee safe in the knowledge that you won’t have to look at some pro-homo propaganda while you’re in there.

Try this with muslim business and see what happens, no please do! 🙂