Germany – New face of the “Far Right” party AfD is a former Goldman Sachs employee who lives as an openly gay woman

‘At first glance, Weidel’s involvement with AfD is hard to explain. Weidel’s entire career and lifestyle is in direct contradiction to her right-wing populist party’s doctrines. How can a lesbian woman raising two children together with her partner even bear the existence of a party that disparages gays and lesbians as an “outspoken minority”? And how can an economist who has a residence in Switzerland, who has lived in China for years and has worked for globally networked companies beat the drum for a party that wants to preserve Germany’s national “identity” and seal its borders?

Weidel’s former colleagues at the investment bank Goldman Sachs, where she began her first job after finishing her university studies, have been sharing videos of her public appearances along with stunned comments. “Here is Alice. What happened to her?” reads one. Another, written by the man who had trained Weidel at Goldman Sachs, reads: “Who is the real Alice?” Is it the business woman or the right-wing populist?’

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