Graffiti for the Goyim

I’m sure by now many of you have noted the new mural that has been unveiled under the Eiffel tower.

It is the first mural ever to be placed there and certainly stands out, though perhaps for different reasons to you and me than the average viewer.

Kevin MacDonald over at The Occidental Observer has written an excellent piece on the subject, I recommend you have a read.

I will expand upon that though with some more small but interesting points about the author and his work.

First of all let’s analyse the company he keeps.

Peterson is hosted by New Image Art, a gallery in West Hollywood founded and directed by a Jew, Marsea Goldberg. As you can imagine it’s the usual cesspit of Jewish degeneracy and veneration of the despicable.

It’s almost like there’s an underlying message here….

His work is fairly pointed in its undertones and it is no surprise to find him drenched in Jewish money and influence.

This next one made me laugh.

A direct connection to family themselves, no shock then that his ‘work’ has pride of place in Paris, a city steeped in Kabbalistic imagery and importance.

His ethos interestingly is quite correct in it’s recognition of violence and conflict being central to life. He takes this message though and incorporates what I can only interpret as celebration of the defeat of the white race into a visual orgy of depravity and malevolent, carnal want against whites.

This is stock image Jewish neurosis, celebrating before crossing the line. Whether that comes from his tribal benefactors or he has some chosenite blood himself I don’t know and it doesn’t matter, what matters is this is a mural steeped in meaning.

See here a great video on the subject by Apollonian Germ, a YouTube content creator who is well worth a subscription.

Maybe I’m getting into tinfoil hat territory, I am interested in your take on it though.

Comment below.

  • Roddy Wehrmacht

    Were it a mural depicting whites raping and beheading black figures wearing Afros and headscarves, the Jewish cry in the media for it’s removal would be deafening. “Spontaneous” protests would erupt, niggers and Arabs would be interviewed about their poor hurt feelings and masked Antifa sheep would be on the scene as the cameras clicked to paint something faggoty over it.
    French WN should piss on it and cover it up with a big swastika. This is deliberate jewish incitement to keep furthering division.

    • The French right should indeed destroy this monstrosity.

      • Maximum Overdrive

        Maybe this is why they’ve installed a new glass wall around the Eiffel Tower.

        • Jeez you might be onto something there. Never thought of that.

        • Imperium

          Kinda hoping some Islamic nutter does truck bomb the place now. If only to destroy that piece of crap.

    • Imperium

      I’ve yet to find proof but this sick fuck has to be a Jew.

  • Keiser Soze

    The centre of the image is an African nigger embracing and kissing a White woman while being surrounded by an abstraction of a “multiracial society”.

    All in the shape of that accursed star.

    This is perhaps the most jewish thing I have seen in a long time and a perfect statement of intent for them!