LOL @ The Journal and its Censorship

As we all know the Journal is a liberal rag online publication.

The vast majority of commentators go there to virtue signal with trite “positive” affirmations and comments about how anti-racist they are while other more reasonable people try to talk some sense before the Journal’s Spanish Inquisition moderators ban them for making statements that are not…

  1. Self Congratulatory enough
  2. Anti-White
  3. Liberal and/or
  4. Retarded

If you are sick of being censored by this Ibrahim Halawa fan site then here is our guarantee. We won’t censor any views on Beyond the Pale!

We are the only Irish site where people can express the opinions that they actually think. Such as…

  1. No, I don’t want my country over run with Africans. They have an entire continent of their own.
  2. Fag marriage undermines society
  3. Just because someone lives in Ireland doesn’t make them Irish
  4. Feminism drives women insane

Beyond the Pale is not a “safe space”.

Anyway there is a lot that the Journal could do to improve but I won’t hold my breath. I mean just this morning I saw an article about a missing “Dublin teenager” by the name of Gift Odysanya. There were several glaring error throughout but I just fixed the main one as an example.

We deserve better than liberal diarrhea that The Journal puts out.

We certainly deserve better than its leftist censorship.


Fixed it for you!