Halawa Family Values

Over the past couple of weeks I have written several times about Islam in Ireland, the different entities involved and what their goals are, along with recent events pertaining to extremism. I began with the intention of giving you a proper idea of the Halawa family and their connections and also the truth about why Ibrahim Halawa is enjoying a stay in the Egyptian prison system.

Today we will take a look at the Halawa family and their connections, what happened in Egypt and who their enablers are here in Ireland.

This man wipes his arse with his bare hands
Hussein Halawa

Patriarch of the family and high level member of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hussein (known to the scum as ‘Sheikh Halawa’) is the highest ranking Imam in Ireland as head of the ICCI. He has a long history of shady pronouncements and behaviour such as stating his desire to see Ireland become an Islamic State and denying the killing of western tourists as true events, labeling them as false flags. Overall he’s a fucking scumbag, but the establishment here have their tongues firmly embedded in his arse and he has previously been invited to read from the Quran at the 2004 Presidential Inauguration.

Careful you don’t step in any shite there Mickey!


He is something of an aristocrat among the Muslim Brotherhood though and as such his family are highly regarded, their presence in Egypt was in fact a way for him to indirectly convey legitimacy the Islamic uprising that was taking place and help rouse the rabble. He has a habit of trotting out his daughters to deal with media etc as they haven’t got his baggage and they can speak English, something he has never learned as it’s not needed when living in an English speaking country….

He is, all things considered, a very dangerous individual who only makes half an effort to play the kindly Muslim Religion-of-peace peddler that you see with others.

Considering his huge influence upon Muslims across not just Ireland but all of Europe, his shady attitude should be cause for concern. His mosque in Clonskeagh has hosted several known extremists such as Salman Al Awda and Wagdy Ghoneim, yet the authorities have made no complaint and indeed are now assisting his extremist sons bid for freedom. He is also the Gen Sec of the European Council for Fatwa and Research, another nest of scheming vipers.

There is much more to be learned about Halawa and I advise you look into it if you can, this is as I said the most influential Muslim in Ireland and possibly Europe.

What happened in Egypt?

In 2013 with the toppling of the Morsi regime came the inevitable upheaval and violence you would expect when Muslims don’t get their way. Ibrahim Halawa, then 17, was arrested during the crackdown along with his sisters, Somaia, Fatima and Omaima. The claim since then has been that they were simply on holiday to the ancestral land and were not involved in any sort of misbehaviour or subversive action. Halawa’s sisters have spent their time since release making this the Irish people’s problem and proclaiming his Dubliner status and lack of interest in any Islamic skulduggery.

Paper Irish

My experience of the average Irish person is they are no more taken in by this than I am, but it hasn’t stopped our establishment and media dribbling over the little fucker and going to the ends of the earth to look after him. Considering who his father is we should be vary wary of seeing this lad for anything other than an apprentice to the Halawa trade, fundamentalist Islam.

Evidence has since been brought to light of Ibrahim destroying his Irish passport and proclaiming his loyalty as an Egyptian to the homeland, of him expressing his support for Morsi (ousted MB affiliated Egyptian Premier) and another jihadi dog named Salah Soltan and of him expressing typical fundamentalist Islamic values.

So it may shock you to see this individual championed here in Ireland as a salt of the earth Dub, as Irish as coddle! He has become the darling of the left in particular, although our government are pouring plenty of resource into having him released also. Charlie Flanagan has been working hard pressing the flesh over in Egypt to as yet no avail. This is because the Egyptians know they’ve caught a big fish and won’t give him up easily.

The level of treachery Sinn Fein can achieve is quite astounding

Our benevolent warriors of (social) justice in Sinn Fein have firmly thrown their lot in with the scum as they have with all non Irish invading our land (bar the Brits…supposedly).

(((Lynn Boylan))) has been front and centre trying to get this fella off the hook and spinning the sob story for all it’s worth while getting as much airtime as physically possible for the ever present Halawa sisters. Sinn Fein and other assorted lefty filth have made a religion out of their utter dedication to filth the world over such as the Blacks of South Africa and Palestinian Islamic lunatics. They are an active component in the destruction of the Irish people.

Of course support for Halawa has not just been relegated to crusty politicos, in what must be a subconscious cry for a eugenic remedy, the faggots are on side also.

A big gay turkey voting for Christmas, you couldn’t make it up!

I really would urge you to look into this in more depth as there is a huge amount going on in the background of all this, not least with Hussein Halawa and his affiliated organisations.

An excellent resource (even if it is curated by a shabbos goyim) is markhumphrys.com

Mark Humphreys has compiled a huge amount of information and evidence about this and many other issues that you would do well to learn more about. The Halawa family represent an existential threat to the well-being, freedom and identity of the Irish people and the time to organise a resistance to those campaigning on their behalf is now.