The Look of the Irish – Redefining the Irish person

If as an Irish person this doesn’t make your blood boil then you are part of the problem.

This bitch couldn’t even get citizenship in the country of her birth. Yet after getting it here she proceeds to tell us what the Irish should look like. Notice the snarky remarks about freckles.

These parasites don’t love our country. They come here because the places they leave are cultural cesspools. The problem is they bring that same culture here with them thus turning Ireland into a cesspool.

Read the comments under the video for some white pills.

  • ThomasER916

    Culture is a racial construct.

  • Clytemnestra

    She started out on a good foot saying she felt like she had come home and wanted to do everything to become a citizen and assimilate to Irish culture, but then she fumbled.

    When I was a child, most of my contemporaries were Euro-mutts conceived by first generation immigrant Americans, so it wasn’t unusual to be asked “where are you from” and to answer, “well, my Dad is Italian and my Mom is German.” I notice now, it isn’t that way anymore. But in any case, by the third or fourth generation in America, even if you have added a few more nations to your family tree, you pretty much look like a generic American midwesterner

    She displayed her own stupidity by bridling up and taking offense because she obviously sticks out like a sore thumb in Ireland, country that has decided to commit suicide by becoming another dubious proposition “nation,” the best, most diplomatic answer is, “I’m Irish of Palestinian descent” or “As you can see, I wasn’t born here, but I got here, as soon as I could!”

    Hello, lady, you may be Irish, but you are not FROM Ireland! Claim the citizenship, embrace the culture, but admit your origins without a chip on your shoulder. Geesh.

    • Imperium

      This woman will never be Irish. America is very different to Europe which has been our homeland for millennia. Africans or Asians can call themselves American. Africans nor any other non-white will ever be Irish.

      This woman is what we refer to as the paper Irish. Meaning our treacherous government gave her a piece of paper one day which magically transformed her into a paddy lol. See how ridiculous that is?

  • Mary Robinson

    We’re used to the English being told they don’t have an identity or culture. I don’t see the Irish rolling over easily to accept this BS. Don’t let them do what they’ve done to the English. It’s not “old fashioned” you idiot. It’s genetic

    • Imperium

      Everything natural & normal is old fashioned to the leftists.

      • Mary Robinson

        The fact is they look like that because of their genes and because generations of them have intermarried and lived in the same place which is a biological fact.

  • Keiser Soze

    This genocidal piece of Arab shit has done more for Israeli PR in Ireland than 6,000,000 JIDF shills could ever do!
    Next time I hear about IDF tanks rolling over some Golan neighbourhood I will think of this bitch and laugh!!!!!

  • Barrys Tea

    Haha her twitter homepage even has a picture of her sharing a platform with Peter Sunderland…who would have guessed.

  • This clip give absolutely clear proof that these people want to genocide us. They hate us, they hate our DNA and would be quite happy to replace us in our own country. This fat down syndrome looking bitch exudes a barely concealed hatred and envy. Perhaps she should go back to Palestine and try insulting some Israeli snipers!

    • Imperium

      Down Syndrome ?. Now you mention it hahaha. We all know of the high rate of inbreeding within Islam. Ask yourself this, have you ever seen a really beautiful Muslim? Gotta say I haven’t.

  • Paul Murphy

    Get this sand ni66r OUT of Eire,rather we had freckles than hook noses,we dont need these lampshade survivor supporters,end of.