U.S.A. – So far in 2017, we have found 127 cases of blacks killing whites, but only 4 cases of whites killing blacks

Narative Collapse

According to the DOJ, blacks commit over half of all murders despite the fact that they make up about 13% of the US population. The media likes to downplay black murders with the narrative that blacks primarily only kill other blacks. This is just not true. About 9-10% of all murders committed in the USA are blacks killing non-blacks.

We here at BTP will from time to time report on crime in countries that have had sizeable non white populations for a lot longer than Ireland. We intend showing you that the political & media talk about integration are lies, and they know it.

Africans have been in America for hundreds of years. Have they integrated into the society Europeans built? Black crime in the States is rampant.

Liberals would have you believe racism is responsible. As if a few mean words justifies rape & murder. The simple fact is these low IQ savages are incapable of integrating into civilised society. Everywhere they go they cause chaos and mayhem.


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