Jewish actions hostile to Irish people

Jewish actions hostile to Irish people refers to the history of Jewish activities hostile to the interests of Irish people; defined primarily as the native Gaelic Catholic nation and their diaspora around the world. They have been involved in promoting and financing sectarian campaigns between Irish Catholics and Scots-Irish Protestants, as well as operating in concert with freemasonry.

Menasseh Ben Israel was Oliver Cromwell’s Jewish paymaster.

Actions by century

12th century

Jews were directly involved in financing the Norman conquest of Ireland which led to the destruction of the Gaelic High Kingship of Ireland and the enslavement of the nation for 800 years. Specifically, we have records of a Jew by the name of Josce of Gloucester ✡ funding the main leader of the first wave of the Norman invasion, Richard Strongbow de Clare in 1170: this fact is openly admitted in the Jewish Enclyclopedia. A mere hundred years earlier, five Jews from Rouen had attempted to infiltrate Ireland, but the High King Turlough O’Brien sent them away. It is unclear if their involvement in the Norman conquest was a form of revenge.

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