Street-shitter who killed Irish girl in India dindu nuffin

In a shock move, local sanjeev goes with ‘it wuzn’t me’

The case of Danielle McLaughlin was in the news again today as one of the accused in her murder submitted a long-winded and factually dubious account of her final hours.

Vikat Bhagat, a local shitskin in the Indian city of Canacona, made claims that he had been in a relationship with the victim and had neither raped nor killed her. In fact he states her brutal murder was committed by three ‘friends’, because that’s what friends are for, raping and bludgeoning your girlfriend.

Needless to say the family of the deceased have, through their lawyer, signaled their lack of faith in this man’s version of events.

He describes a situation where his supposed partner is brutally raped and beaten to death by his friends, whom he then does not report for fear of being blamed himself. Due to a shoulder injury he seemed unable to protect Ms McLaughlin from the barbaric treatment that has become a trademark part of any young Western woman’s trip to India in recent years.

Many such cases
The facts of the matter are this

With all due respect to the deceased, any young white woman traveling in India (or the surrounding shitholes) needs to be aware of a clear and present danger from rape gangs. At this point the multitudinous and ever more brutal reports of commonplace rapine against women in that region, along with how people of Indian/Pakistani background behave here in Europe, should give white women reason to reconsider a visit to the Raj.

These people are filthy, low IQ and low impulse control vermin that see women (especially whites) as some sort of game animal to be hunted and killed. Apart from that the dirty fuckers can’t figure out how to use a toilet.

Any girl traveling alone in these places needs her head examined

Whether the McLaughlin family will now receive any justice is of course questionable, just as the sad case of Michaela McAreavey has shown, justice is as foreign a concept in that part of the world as functional sanitation.

Sadly the end result won’t change, a young girl has been brutally taken from her family and friends by some filthy third-world rat and nobody is discussing the real lesson. These animals behave the same regardless of where they are, any woman traveling in their countries is in real danger of violent death. Further to that, allowing the untermensch into our own countries is inviting the problem home.