Enda the line

Enda Kenny has at long last stepped down as leader of Fine Gael and will be replaced as Taoiseach within the coming months as FG elect a replacement.

This has been on the cards for some time now and the pantomime of picking a new leader has been boiling along with it. Will we get the mystery meat bum-boy Varadkar? Or Bilderberg Sith apprentice Simon Coveney? What ever the outcome it will make little positive difference to the people of Ireland.

The future is bright…

Enda Kenny is every sort of stereotype you could think of in relation to an Irish politician. He’s a school teacher by trade, was gifted his seat in Mayo as a hand-me-down from his father and has enjoyed a safe seat there since the 70’s. He’s an utter gobshite with a history of putting his foot in his mouth and has plenty of skeletons in his closet as regards covering up for chums and lining the pockets of those in his circle.

A nastier couple of snakes you would be hard pressed to find
Most importantly though, he has never truly been our leader.

Enda Kenny is the stock image meat puppet politician. Since he took leadership of FG and then the country, it was only ever as a meat shield for the real leadership of FG, Phil Hogan and Michael Noonan.

The man is an imbecile, almost pitiable in his stupidity and has simply been the lump everyone points the finger at while the other two dirtbirds ran the show from the background. This is how FG have operated unlike Fianna Fail who are led from the front by scheming fucknuts like Bertie and Mehole.

Two faces that remind you of the color brown

When you see it in those terms it throws a different light on our future possible leaders. It seems most likely that Leo Varadkar will slide into Enda’s old job quite easily in the next fortnight. He displays all the right qualities required to be exactly the kind of leader Enda was, while Coveney seems to have a future in the shadows like Noonan and Hogan, running things without being seen to. Varadkar is supremely vacuous and uninteresting, so should be a perfect fit.

**Insert Sith lord reference**
Coveney on the other hand is a dangerous little bastard.

He is very cosy with the Bilderberg crowd and Peter Sutherland seems to be something of a tutor, the company this lad keeps is troubling. Apart from that his brother heads up Greencore, a major food company that was born from the extremely shady privatisation of Irish Sugar in the early 90’s. All this puts Coveney dead to rights as an establishment crook who would eat his own young, the fact he is in government at all should give you pause.

The kind of degenerate who licks out a creme egg instead of chewing it

Up until today anyway it was between these two gombeens as to who would lead, but this morning our Tanaiste and Minister for Injustice, Frances Fitzgerald, has seemingly thrown her hat in the ring. With the backing of none other than vile subversive Catherine Zappone, Fitzgerald looks set to contest the top job. She’s as wily and scheming as the rest and has been knee deep in the mire of Noirin O’Sullivan’s scandalous leadership of An Garda Siochana, that has seen all sorts of shameful revelations about Garda malpractice.

I hear she’s a divil with a breakfast roll

All things considered she has a good chance if she plays the vagina card right, another female in charge of a nation as the world goes off a cliff. A woman from Limerick no less, there must be something in Nostradamus’ prophecies about that. The only thing holding her back is that she actually has kids of her own, something that doesn’t fit with world leaders these days and points to Leo ‘sore hole’ Varadkar getting the hot seat.

Never mind the other twats, THIS yoke could be running things before long

As I said it makes little odds to all of us one way or the other, bread and circuses for the plebs while the important stuff goes on behind closed doors. Don’t forget this government is only held up by a complicit Fianna Fail and will be brought low before the year is out at this rate when Mehole Martin sense he can win a snap election. More importantly, in this time of Brexit and EU destabilisation, there isn’t a single person I have mentioned so far that you would feel confident leading Ireland through the mess that Europe is becoming.