Machete wielding migrant nest in Dublin

Annesley Bridge Road is in the news today,

as a residence that had housed THIRTEEN families was part of a fraud investigation.

It seems these families were each paying €200 a week to a man known only as ‘Brian’. The owner of the property, John Farrelly, claims no knowledge of this Brian individual and thought the tenants were squatters whom he couldn’t get to leave. Upon the property going into receivership all of this came to light and court orders were brought by the receivers in order to clear and secure the premises.

At this point the story about Brian came out and once the families were removed, a large quantity of weapons (Machetes, knives etc) were discovered. This has led to further interest from the Gardai and an investigation is ongoing as are court proceedings.

So vibrant

So here we have another tale of a house being rented out like a sardine can to umpteen families which we can only assume are foreign. We see Irish citizens engaged in this messing for profit, undermining the well being of their own country for a quick buck, while unsurprisingly the ‘families’ display all the usual vibrancy you would expect from the invaders, storing caches of weaponry and living like termites.

Relax lads it’s just the Mbukeleles from Tara St-Great bunch of lads!

How many of these nests are there around the country? Is there any concept of the scale of the issue within our state apparatus, is there even any plan to deal with it in the first place? We have a situation where nests of migrants are dotted about the place and they are arming themselves.

No wonder Mr Farrelly couldn’t move these people on he would’ve ended up in a Chow Mein.

These migrants are a ticking time-bomb on this island.

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