Scientology sends recruitment letter to Irish primary school

This dangerous and well connected cult/religion is again trying to recruit here, sending this letter to a primary school. It preys on the weak and vulnerable, like any cult, promising them salvation and happiness while at the same time emptying their bank account and alienating their loved ones.

This is what they actually believe

I remember back in the early 90s I used to walk regularly down middle abbey street in Dublin city centre. These lunatics had an office opposite where Arnotts now is. Their minions would be outside with their clipboards trying to stop people to bring them inside for a ‘chat’.

I got great pleasure every day walking past telling these parasites to ‘FUCKOFF’ as loud as I could. They soon learned not to come near me.

Call yourself a Religion and you can get away with anything, as we in Ireland know only too well.

  • Crusader

    Tommy is as crazzzzzy as a shit house rat , but he is not f-ing a kike , but I think he is a good meat puppet /actor…….Hollywood , they are a bunch of JEW freaks….80% of all JEWS are atheist…

    • Yet people don’t think they’re a race. Atheists who were Christians don’t continue to call themselves Christians.

  • Crusader

    Sorry I dont have an avatar , it just keeps spinning.

  • Wesley Keeley

    Scientology what a name what’s so scientific about a cult religion

    • Imperium

      In today’s jewed world all manner of nonsense is science.