Dublin gay bar The George vandalised with homophobic, EVIL RACIST EVIL RACIST Nazi graffiti

The Journal

“GARDAÍ HAVE LAUNCHED an investigation after one of Dublin’s oldest and best known gay bars was defaced with homophobic graffiti this morning.

News of the vandalism carried out on the front of The George pub on George’s Street first emerged shortly after 10am this morning.

However, the photo showing the graffiti was originally taken by Twitter user Gary Shaw at roughly 6.20am, some four hours previous.

Chalk had been used to cover the front of the premises with homophobic words and Nazi symbols.”

Why is this offensive? I mean they call each other queers and faggots don’t they?

Considerate vandals using chalk and all.

LOL those poor fags.

Just when we thought that we had made progress by allowing two men to partake in a millennia old cultural and spiritual union that was only ever intended for heterosexual couples just so they could temporarily allay the feeling of guilt and sickness that comes with being a pervert we had to turn around and regress all the way back to 1930s Germany.

A CCTV still of the suspected vandal was released this morning

Goddamnit it is one step forward and ten steps back in Ireland all the time.

Can you imagine the feelings that these poor gays must be feeling when they see swastikas painted all over their meat markets.

I mean you’re out looking for someone’s anus to masturbate in and somebody shoves a swastika in your face.

It’s just completely unacceptable in modern Ireland.

What we need is hate crime laws so that anybody who is heterosexual is thrown in prison.

Only then will the hatreds end.

Pure hatreds in Modern Ireland