The Last Days of the Lunatic Left

Excellent Red Ice podcast featuring Daniel Friberg.

Daniel returns to Red Ice to continue recent conversation concerning the return of the Real Right and how Europeans and Americans alike can be an effective part of the rising opposition to the lunatic left. We discuss Sweden’s position as the test lab in the deteriorating European multicultural experiment, and the growing awareness that we have arrived at a crucial point in history that demands a serious fight for survival. Daniel offers some advice for men and women of the Western world who have been confused and beat down by the rotten cultural Marxist system and its war on traditional gender roles. We discuss the consequences of modernity and feminist ideals that have led to a radical drop in birth rates over the past few generations. We focus on the monumental task of reversing the unsustainable leftist agenda that has promoted a dysfunctional European culture now threatened by replacement level immigration. Then, we take a deeper look at the social conditioning of the abusive educational system, and how we can encourage our younger generations to truly rebel against the indoctrinating garbage they have been fed by embracing traditional ideals.

Red Ice