Salome Mbugua says Ireland belongs to Africans

Here we see an interview with some dumb black slut called Salome Mbugua. The extremely well nourished Salome obviously doesn’t come from any famine stricken parts of Africa that’s for sure and seems to be here for the sole purpose of robbing us and then telling us that were evil for not allowing it to happen.

She knows what she is saying about immigration and “racism” is a scam and even starts to have palpitations when Brian Dobson calls her out on it by saying that people have a right to question changes in their community.

These people haven’t a leg to stand on and they know it.

At this point in time I really want to write some witty sarcastic and scathing remarks about what’s happening in White European countries when it comes to diversity but it’s just occurred to me that even witty and scathing remarks are kind of playing along with it.

I actually don’t want to inadvertently validate this insanity by bothering to create any kind of joke around it even if it’s just sarcasm. This might be dour and somewhat reminiscent of Storm Front but these people are literally telling you that your country doesn’t belong to you any more.

They are not reciprocating in the slightest, say for example by saying that Africa belongs to people other than them, and even if they did who would want it.

Their societies are hellholes which is why they want ours. They are clearly getting the better deal.

A Dublin school… now full of niggers, paid for by your taxes.

Just think on it for a second this woman has come into your country and told you that it no longer belongs to you. It is no different to an armed robber entering your house and telling you to hand over all of your cash and the keys to your car and if you protest then proceeding to tell you that you are evil because you believe in hoarding wealth.

I think it’s about time somebody told voodoo Mama here to shut the fuck up.


I call upon the Irish government to give financial support to migrant led organisations since they are playing a huge role in the Irish society but their role is still undermined”. Ms Mbugua Concluded.

You can keep up to date with the latest tweets from voodoo mama here 

Perhaps you could tell here how you hope to make Ireland more “inclusive” for invading Africans.

  • Paul Murphy

    Simple solution Ni66ers go home

    • Theory_Geek

      Ah another towering genius on this page. Aptly, he has one “simple solution”, and simple is as simple does…

      • Paul Murphy

        if you want to embrace WHITE GENOCIDE then fuk off to a wog land and see how you little CM Homs do

        • Imperium

          This is the thing about liberal twats like Theory_Geek. They talk all day about tolerance & love for pakis & niggers. But do they live anywhere near them? Do they fuck. You can bet they live in an all lillywhite area far away from the DIEversity they pretend to live.

          Fucking hypocrites.

      • Kate Graham

        Agree with you on this, Geek bro

    • Kate Graham

      How is that ‘solution’ working out for you Paul?

  • Kate Graham

    What – only gingers can be Irish?
    Only those descendants of leprechauns?
    The Irish descendents are world wide. Are you gonna tell them that theyre not true Americans? True Canadians? Australians?
    I dare you to tell them your nonsense…
    You wont though will you, because youre a wee shitey coward who is only big and bold behind a screen … shouting at women and girls ya wanker.
    Being Irish means that you live in Ireland and you have a committment to Eire.
    It’s not a mystical thing… you don’t have to drink Guinness…
    You’re a bit sad aren’t you..? Try to get out more.

    • Sue X

      Fuck right off, you stupid feminist cunt. Of course genetically Celtic people who live abroad are still genetically Celtic people! You are the problem. You and your like, deciding for everyone that it’s ok to let all the colours of the rainbow into the country, and then call them Irish. I hope you still feel the same way when you’re being brutalized by some big stupid Nigerian. You feminists are hilarious. You pander and preen over the very people who would laugh at your ideologies, while they rape you. Any you have the nerve to call Ireland a rape culture. Why don’t you go and live in the Congo, or Rwanda..? Or maybe ANYWHERE in the middle east??? There you will find your mythical rape culture.

      • Theory_Geek

        The Irish are not “genetically Celtic”. You racist misogynist assholes are hilarious – dumb and ignorant. Personally I’m grateful that we’re broadening the genetic pool here, given the significant limitations of pond scum such as yourself. Oh and FYI, there is not such thing as “celtic people”, culture and genetics are two different things, I could explain more but your tiny brain would probably explode with the effort of trying to open your mind.

        • Rob O’Brien

          ‘Celtic’ is a loose description but you knew what she meant, it is people of Goedelic and Bretonic ethnicity. Using the “Your people don’t exist but I’m glad they are being bred out of existence” argument, very intelligent.
          Race mixing is genetic vandalism, taking a group that has evolved separately for 70k years (Caucasians) and mixing them with lesser developed races such as Negroes lowers the standard, it’s never an improvement.
          Feminism is a psychological disorder.
          Liberalism is moral syphilis.

        • Imperium

          Tell me, would you got to Japan & tell them they have no culture? Would you tell them to import millions of Africans & those Africans would magically become Japanese?

          I’m 100% sure they’d fucking laugh their asses off at you, and they’d be right to do so. You’d be lucky not to get taken away to the Nippon funny farm.

          Don’t you see how ridiculous it is when you use non white countries.

          Same with China, try going there as a red haired Irish person & tell them you’re Chinese.

          So the question must then be asked WHY does this only apply to white countries.

          Read this, we are being replaced on purpose.

          • Kate Graham

            Japan has a racist notion of nationality, like you do.

            Thats not how it is in Ireland. Here, any ethnicity can become Irish. We do that by living and working here.

            Also, anyone with Irish parents ir grandparents can become Irish.

            Now Im going to sing a wee happy song… while your tiny brain implodes..

            La..lahla lah.. la..dum de dum

          • Imperium

            Jeez you must really hate the Japanese. So it’s racist if they want to preserve thousands of years of culture & heritage? LMAO. You fucking liberals are insane.

            It’s you crazy liberals who are the real racists. People like me want to see the Japanese & their unique culture survive. You’re more than happy to see it destroyed by importing neverending Africans.

            A piece of paper does not make you Japanese, no more than it does Irish.

            I bet you’re one of the same headcases who would fight tooth & nail to preserve an Indian tribe in the amazon or an African tribe on the Serengeti. You’d gush over their unique culture & scream how it should be protected.

            But if we do thst oit’s RACISM. Listen up you feminist liberal cunt that word means nothing to us anymore.

            We are the true defenders of diversity. We are the ones who want every unique culture preserved. Your lot want it all mixed into one brown blob where every identity is lost.

            You are the real racist but you’re too fucking stupid to realise it.


    • Imperium

      Can an Irish person be Chinese? Can they be Saudi Arabian? Can they be Japanese?

      If you answer you to all 3 then you’re fucking retarded. Next time you meet anyone from those 3 countries ask them the same question. Then give them your answer. Watch them laugh their asses off.

      • Kate Graham

        See my reply above regarding nationality.

        There are two different concepts here, wheras you think that theres only one.

        See if you can get it:
        There the country you live in and call home.
        Thats your nationality.
        Thats Irish for example, or Chinese or Italian and so on.

        The second concept is your ethnicity. Now thats a bit of a fancy word not really used in every day conversation but it means something like, ‘where your ancestors were from’.

        That could be Africa, or Asia, or Europe or Scandinavia…
        I’ve got blue eyes and quite fair hair so I know that at leadt some of my ancestors were from Scandinavia. That is my ethnicity.

        But my nationality is Scots/Irish. Spot the difference?
        Its not hard, really…

        So, in answer to your question,
        Yes I could become African by nationality if I went to live there and made a commitment to the country I was living in. Indeed this is what ethnically european South Africans are doing right now. I have some friends there and they are quite happy apparently, not like frogs at all.

        Cape Town is a beautiful place to live, they tell me.

        But you are living in a bit of a dump arent you?
        And your ‘career’ is a fucking joke isn’t it?

        The solution is not so hard: concentrate more on getting educated and less on licking the boots of your local nazi commander.
        There really is so much more to life than worshipping the cock of the local tough boy.

        Good luck.

        • Rob O’Brien

          You silly girl.
          The Nation is purely an ethnic concept and the ethnic concept is one of bloodlines, a macrocosm of the family unit. A plot of land is nothing in a national sense if it is not tied to an ethnic group.
          Civic nationalism is meaningless, a club with a membership card, no connection between the people which results in societal break down as we biologically react to those we do not share close genetic ties with.

          the evidence of this is in every step through history as you see how groups interact and what success or failures they have as such. The logic of this when you drop fairy tale concepts like Christianity’s “All equal under God made in his image” craic, or Socialism’s “All people are equal” and accept scientific fact about biological difference and evolution is quite obvious.
          Ironic that you would use a term like educated.
          Races are unequal.
          Genders are unequal.
          Evolution is a fact.
          If you live against nature you corrupt and then fail.

        • Keiser Soze

          You and your kind conflate citizenship with ethnic Identity. When you say Irish it is understood to mean ethnicity and not civic identity.

 These people may be citizens of Ireland (although they shouldn’t be) but they will never be Irish.

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  • Kate Graham

    Hi Sue, I think this is a good time to tell you that I am “genetically Celtic”, with roots in Ireland and Scotland.
    I some ways its reassuring to see how quickly and easily you racist thugs descend into swearing and abuse, flinging insults and even some big words (‘psychological’) at anyone who disagrees with you… reassuring because it tells me that you are not able to think rationally or debate anything to any depth, so ate not capable of strategic thinking and therefor will not gain power or control.

    On another level your extremely angry and violent outburst also betrays the fact that you have suffered an abusive childhood. Like dogs, people are the product of our upbringing and experience, much more so that our genetic inheritance. To be simmering with this rage is evidence of a very sad early life, and this racism is a misguided attempt to deal with it by projecting your own learned feelings of inadequacy onto someone who can be thought of as ‘other’, and then trying to destroy them in some way…. Its a childish attempt to ‘make it go away’.
    I do genuinely pity you and I will remember you in my prayers.

    Of course, since I come from Leith and have my own upbringing to consider, I would be quite happy to kick the living daylights out of your fascist arse, shoukd you ever try that insulting shit for real in real life.
    Lots of people have it tough when we are young. What we do is we deal with our trauma, through therapy, through friends and lovers, through reading, prayer and meditation. And through hard work to try to come to terms with it. Often ofter trying a lot of drugs or drink… and finding that they dont work.

    This is how women like Salome are able to rise from the troubles of her early life and bear witness to the atrocities she has seen …. rise with integrity and honour to become internationally respected and loved actually by many throughout the world and at home in Ireland.

    You in contrast, really are behaving like a pathetic spoilt brat.
    Change your behaviour and your self esteem will improve. Whater shit was done to you that made you so angry, it was not your fault. You were a child.
    Now it is time to grow up.

    • Sue X

      An abusive childhood, aw that’s cute. I can assure my childhood was as idyllic and happy as any rural Irish childhood can be. I was loved and raised by people with rock solid morals and superior genetic hygiene.
      Clearly this wasn’t the case for you, otherwise you wouldn’t be such a rabid feminist (or dribbling moron, take your pick). You need to realize that following your biological imperative is the only way you will ever be truly happy.
      A strong husband and a house full of happy children will fix your warped outlook on life. I get the distinct impression you are a single, abortion damaged, blue haired freak at your core. To be honest it may already be too late for you to settle down.
      Any self respecting man who values his biological future, would rather stick his penis in a cup of boiling water than risk the copious and varied strains of disease nestled deep within your scabby genitals.
      The limp-wristed attempt at Freudian pseudo-psych analysis was embarrassing, don’t quit the day job.
      Leith is the regional equivalent of a tranny-whore’s crotch, pointless, dirty and pitiful. I am not surprised such an unwashed as yourself hails from there.

    • Keiser Soze

      The only atrocity Salome has seen is the atrocity of her being allowed into someone else country in order to pilfer it.

  • QE ornotQE

    Hitler banned welfare. He knew how dangerous it was. Banning welfare (or reducing it drastically) means we won’t have to deal with this sub-species. But God predicts we’ll fail, and that most will accept digital money and the Mark.

  • Randal Gossip

    When most are failed asylum seekers who got leave to remain . The only reason being just the length of time here it does cause friction not mentioned of course .They have high unemployment its 40% , many are on Back to Work schemes eg taxi drivers that are not included in those figures .We come we take if you don’t like it you are racist .

    • They are parasites pure & simple. Not only that but they bring a sharp increase in crime with them, especially violent crime. Why should our people have to die or be raped just to let liberals feel good.

  • Thomas Pierce

    Englishman here – didn’t realise this was happening in Ireland too, I thought it was just Britain that was in the middle of a mass invasion. You have my sympathy, I live in London and it disgusts me to know that my own people have become a minority in our own capital city. All the European people need to unite now before it becomes too late