Plot thickens around Akinade gang rape cover up

Bohemians FC footballer Ishmahel Akinade was the subject matter today


As the enterprising folks at Muintir na hEirreann tweeted an image of a search through the high court registry

This search showed a number of cases taken in 2015 by Mr Akinade (or on his behalf) with the intent of hushing up the press and having the brutal and protracted rape of a child by himself and 5 of his friends, quashed from the public zeitgeist.

This led me immediately to the question; why only as late as 2015?

To my knowledge he was already a professional footballer at this point so you would think it had done all the damage it could to his image.

Sneaky little bastards

I had a dig around and immediately found my answer, Akinade signed for Bohemians in 2015, this reminded me straight away of how Bohs had released fake news about Akinade leaving the team within weeks of having signed a new deal, as a reaction to renewed interest in his case and specifically the fact it had been scrubbed from public view.

As I said in a previous article, this later became obvious for a PR stunt aimed at getting attention to die down, in which it was successful initially.

So all in all this paints a pretty sordid picture of Bohs as an organisation

You could be forgiven for having suspicions that Bohs themselves may of had some input upon the decision by Akinade to get this whole affair hushed up, that they may even have funded the case.

Is it even possible they helped it get over the line? Considering the moral shambles that is our ‘justice system’ and the penchant in the banana republic for a brown envelope to decide matters, you could be forgiven for being a bit of a skeptic.

So who are Bohemians?
Typical Bohemians baby chaser

Well for a start they are totally fan-owned team, they have plenty of rumoured connection with crusty lefties and their firm rivalry paints them as the lefty team of choice.

They have also had Antifa support at their games and post game handbag battle with other fans.

It is important to note that Antifa in Ireland have already shown a loose attitude to the sexual destruction of children, as evidenced by their founder and leader Pat Corcoran having child porn charges successfully prosecuted against him.


Corcoran is also a former member of SWP and People before Profit, putting the now renamed Solidarity Party in close connection to a very active and dangerous paedophile. Corcoran has a long and vicious history of lefty action against decent citizens alongside many other bottom rung venereals across the island.

We are looking at an array of groups who routinely are connected with brutality against minors and the enabling of it, something we have sadly grown used to with the left.

There is much more to learn if you are of a mind to look into these varied groups and their histories, especially filth like Corcoran.

For now I would urge any right minded person concerned with the well being of Irish children and the implementation of justice in this country, to boycott Bohemians and even the League of Ireland as a show of your disdain for this deliberate and ongoing miscarriage of justice and to highlight with anyone in your social sphere the travesty of justice that has taken place around this brutal rapist.
  • I’ve been showing this to Bohs supporters on twitter. The response is sickening. They’re defending this dirtbag. Bohs is an Antifa niggerball club so that goes some way to explain it.

  • Wesley Keeley

    The Negro thinks he’s untouchable

  • Imperium

    They gang raped a young Irish girl & got off. I wish I could say I’m shocked. But I’ve seen all this before in the UK, Sweden & elsewhere.

    Our legal system is (((fucked)))