Emma Waldron and the “Inglourious Basterds” of Race Mixing

If you haven’t already seen the movie Inglourious Basterds then I recommended it to you.

Far from being a Jewish revenge fantasy is actually quite pro-European. You can read an excellent review going into detail about this here.

The reason I mention it is because there is a particular scene at the end that always stuck with me. Brad Pitt’s character Aldo the Apache (because God knows he had to be a minority) has the film’s central antagonist Col Hans Landa cornered and basically on his knees. Aldo and Hans know that the war is coming to an end and that the Axis powers have likely lost.

Aldo the “Apache” and Col Hans Landa chat about retirement

There is a fantastic line during the exchange between these two characters where Brad Pitt’s Aldo says “When this war is over I’ll bet you would like nothing better than to take off that uniform” or something to that effect.

Basically he was saying to Landa that when the situation changes you’d like to be able to walk away from all your past associations. This is a pretty expedient move for any one who isn’t the victor regardless of what the specifics of the situation are.

Aldo decided that he wasn’t gonna let this happen and in a typically over the top scene from director Quentin Tarantino Aldo the Apache carves a swastika onto the forehead of Col Hans Landa.

In essence giving him a uniform that he can’t take off.

Step forward Emma Waldron. Emma Waldron is a “model” and a former Miss Ireland winner. Emma decided a few years back that it would be a good idea to get some quick publicity at home by dating a black Nigerian man. Sorry I meant a nigger. She wasn’t serious about it because they broke up on foot of her going to America to pursue her career over there.

Emma and her “man”

This relationship with the diminutive black gentleman, sorry I meant nigger, was an arrangement of convenience, a PR exercise because in today’s culture of political correctness a White woman can score major points with the glitterati establishment by being so tolerant and so globalist in her outlook that she is willing to date a negro.

It certainly worked. She received plenty of attention for it and her name was dropped into all the off-line and online celebrity rags.

Emma certainly milked it for everything that it was worth even going so far as to proclaim her family as being colour-blind and that everyone else was racist in a series of virtue signalling interviews to the press.

Well now Emma is in America and despite there being a preponderance of black men over there for her to choose from she is dating a Caucasian.

But this man you are dating is White Emma, you racist!

I guess it’s not viewed as quite as trendsetting in America to be dating a black man as it is in Ireland. Simply put the payoff wasn’t big enough over there as it was here. You see in America Emma has enough to trade with by simply being Irish that she doesn’t have to go the extra mile if you know what I mean.

Well Emma you set quite the example for young girls in Ireland and you certainly got your 15 minutes of fame and boosted your standing enough to kickstart your career in America. Now I would bet that you would just love to take that uniform off but like Aldo the Apache in Inglorious Basterds we’re not going to let you.
This is Emma Waldron, a race mixing cum dumpster for blacks. This is a uniform you don’t get to take off…


Emma and Manners seen leaving The Morrisson Hotel to attend the VVIP Awards 2013 at The Academy, Dublin, Ireland – 28.03.13.

Another one Emma! Does your new BF know? I guess you just can’t help yourself LOL


I do have to congratulate her on making it as a model in spite of certain less appealing physical traits. Well I guess that fat ass would go down well with a certain demographic in the States. Keep up the good work Emma.

An ass Nicki Minaj would be proud of.