Migrant rapes not making the news

In a disgusting miscarriage of justice, a man who sexually abused a 10 year old girl after forcing her to watch porn has received only an eighteen month sentence

Faizan Ahmed (26) who moved to Ireland in 2013 and is already married to an Irish woman, was only here a year when he molested the child in October of 2014. In a case that is utterly common already in England where the Pakistani community is much bigger, we see now on Irish shores our children being groomed and abused by Pakistani filth.

England has had their enrichment, now it’s our turn

How a female Judge could show such leniency to the abuser of a pre-pubescent girl is not only an affront to justice but to the basic maternal instinct you would hope to find in a woman. As it is this cockroach will get eighteen months if not less due to ‘good behaviour’.

This sends out a clear message to the very rapidly growing Pakistani Muslim (many coming here from Britain) population here that Ireland’s courts and state apparatus are open to giving them the easy meat the UK’s establishment did.

As for the victim, her impact statement makes it very clear that long after the scum has finished his sentence and returned to his restaurant in Kinsale, she will be living with the devastating effects of his rapine.

This was only reported upon by breakingnews.ie and I couldn’t find any other word on the case in the mainstream press even though there have been several abuse cases reported on today involving natives.

“What’s that? Raped a girl as soon as he got the chance? Only in the country a wet day ? Black lad? Sure leave him off on bail he’ll be grand!” unconfirmed comments made by judge Marian O’Leary at the time…

Similarly another case of a ‘refugee’ violently raping an Irish woman has gone unnoticed by mainstream press and was only reported upon in limerickleader.ie. This time an unnamed Congolese man (19) has appeared in Limerick District Court after viciously raping a woman he had just met that day.

This animal, who it is stated has family in Limerick and no intention of returning to The Congo, even managed to be granted bail by-once again-the female Judge when his Solicitor insinuated the Gardai were only opposing bail because his client is Congolese.

The Congolese-a great bunch of lads!
I await with baited breath what kind of sentence this simian will receive or if he will even be available for sentencing come his trail

The main thing to take away from all this is that our people are being veiled from the truth about these invaders, their crimes are being kept as quiet as possible and even ignored by a complicit press while their sentences are an insult.

No wonder that girl in Limerick trusted this Congolese barbarian she has been kept from any kind of warning about what these animals are like!