Apefreaka Day in Ireland

For those of you who don’t know there is in fact something called Africa Day in Ireland.

Because 600 million per year in Irish Aid is not enough


The cucks of Africa Day!


Apparently it’s a worldwide thing and is held every year towards the end of May. Ostensibly it is a celebration of all the usual diversity crap. In an article from last year the Irish Times tells us that the festival recognises strong links and diverse contribution that Africa makes to Ireland. Well let’s have a look at the cultural contribution…

Here we see an Irish girl engaged in the monkey sexual practice known as twerking. Basically monkeys in the wild will shake and gyrate their arses at potential mates in order to signal fertility and sexual availability. I mean why bother to get off your fat ass loose some weight and learn something like ballet when you can just shake your mass of jelly ass in front of an entire crowd. Ah yes Africa day and it celebration of monkey cultural influence in Ireland.

If I was this girl’s father I would be asking myself some serious questions right now such as why don’t I give a shit about my daughter. You might argue that she’s a teenager and the teenagers are difficult to control and that he can’t be watching her 24/7 et cetera et cetera.

Well I can offer one astute observation here that might help cut away all of the confusion surrounding this girl’s parentage. She is a fat ass. If her father cared about her he would have had her up on a treadmill and she wouldn’t be the way she is.

Her problem is due to poor diet and lack of exercise. She is far too young to be that heavy and it is this that signals to me that she wasn’t cared for as she should have been. I’m not blaming her as such she’s just going along with the program although she should put down those jam doughnuts. I am blaming society and her parents because she is doing exactly what society and her parents told her to do. The kind of society that promotes something like Africa Day. I am pointing my finger squarely at her father for allowing this and I don’t give a shit whose feelings get offended in the process.

My advice to this girl is that if she doesn’t want to become a single mother on welfare with a load of little mulatto kids then she should stay well away from anything involving negroes, get down to the gym burn off those extra pounds, learn some classical dance and put herself in better company.

Spot the difference!

Her Father looked out for her


Her Father didn’t

If you want to get involved with Apefreaka Day then you can contact them here and you too can experience the joy of watching niggers running around the place and teaching your children their vibrant culture.


Muggah fuggah it beeez Aprika dey in dis bieetch. Where de gibs at?
  • Imperium

    That video of the Irish girl dancing like a nigger is utterly vile. Chicago & Detroit in America have Africa day everyday. Plenty of cultural enrichment like murder & rape like only Africans know how.

  • QEornotQE

    That picture of the chimps running through a meadow is quite freaky. Like seeing dogs play poker.