Did some human trafficking NGOs order an Irish Navy taxi?

The Journal:

AN IRISH NAVAL vessel carrying 72 crew will deploy to the Mediterranean today in the seventh such Irish mission as part of the ongoing humanitarian effort in the region.

The LÉ Eithne was the first vessel to deploy in 2015 and it will return to the Mediterranean this week after it launches from the naval base in Haulbowline, Co Cork.

During the vessel’s previous deployment, 3,377 migrants were rescued attempting to make the crossing from Africa to Europe.

In total, 15,621 people have been brought to shore by the Irish Naval Service during six previous missions to the region.


So Ireland is sending a taxi service to the Mediterranean in order to help flood Europe with sub-Saharan Africans because God knows we need more 70 IQ savages running around and claiming welfare here. This is not a humanitarian mission. This is a human smuggling operation and Ireland is involved.

Doctors and rocket scientists here to pay your pensions and enrich your gene pool

Carmelo Zuccaro, the chief prosecutor for the Italian port city of Catania, told “La Stampa” newspaper that he even has evidence that NGOs are directly working with human smugglers to bring migrants into Italy.

It is pretty obvious. At this stage everybody knows what’s happening here. Non-government organisations funded by the likes of George Soros are waiting in ships just off the coast of Libya. Huge numbers of sub-Saharan Africans then get into what are effectively dinghy’s and inflatable emergency boats and then push themselves off in order to get a few miles off the coast.

They then radio for assistance and are collected by NGO boats and then ferried to Italy. This is a human smuggling scam. The Africans get to come to Europe and parasite off the Europeans while raping and killing them and their verminous facilitators, the NGOs, get to fulfill and satisfy whatever twisted worldview possesses them.

People who work for these NGOs are generally speaking well off and doing the whole “open border thing” as a form of virtue signalling. They live in gated communities and are the very last people who will have to deal with the sub-Saharan Africans that they are importing. That particular honour is reserved for the working class people of Europe. Oh and yes the Jews of course are involved in this and if you don’t understand the reasons why then I suggest you look into it.

If they really want to stop this they would just collect the people off the coast of Libya and dropped them back to Libya.

The whole thing is a scam and we Europeans are paying for it. They are out to destroy us and the Irish Navy has no business assisting in the process.