Suicide Bomber at Ariana Grande Concert

Manchester Arena explosion: 19 killed in ‘terror attack by suicide bomber’ at Ariana Grande concert

The Telegraph:

  • Manchester Arena rocked by at least one explosion
  • At least 19 people confirmed dead, 50 more injured
  • Police state it is a suspected terror attack
  • Reports that suicide bomber behind the blast
  • Police warn people to stay away from area
  • Panic as concert-goers flee the arena

Injured concert-goers outside Manchester Arena

Get out your #PrayforManchester hashtags and lets light up some buildings. Sorry poor choice of words but seriously if I see one “our hearts are with the victims” tweet from the same people who are aggressively shilling for more Muslim immigration into Europe I will be sick…

  1. the practice of claiming to have higher standards or more noble beliefs than is the case.
    “his target was the hypocrisy of suburban life”
    synonyms: sanctimoniousness, sanctimony, pietism, piousness, affected piety, affected superiority, false virtue, cant, humbug, pretence, posturing, speciousness, empty talk;


I’ve actually lost count, there was that bridge thing a while back wasn’t there?

All of this has happened before and all of this will happen again. I mean we are actually starting to lose count now which means it is being normalised.

How many more will end up dead or raped before we realise that perhaps the price of having kebab restaurants in our countries is a little too fucking high!