Who gets to raise our kids?

On the Niall Boylan Show today at lunchtime Niall was discussing two topics


Is home schooling good or bad for children?

and secondly;

Should young children be taught about gender diversity?

A great way to ensure your kids grow up with your sensibilities

The first segment was a decent exchange about the subject of home schooling and it’s pro’s and cons. The only arguments against it were some intellectual powerhouse implying kids who are home schooled become “social lepers”, while the other self labelled “bleeding heart liberal’ from South Africa in a round about way inferred what all lefties desire, for the state to raise your child and not the parents so as to decide what your children’s world view is.

Considering the state of South Africa now you would think a Saffa would be a little more wise to liberal mind poison.

He was probably Jewish.

Imagine letting this cretinous, AIDS riddled lump within 10 feet of your child?
The second half of the show was dealing with the supposed gender spectrum

More and more we see these days the sexualisation of children and the pushing of sexual confusion into their zeitgeist.

Here we have a Jewish Tranny named ‘Lil Miss hot Mess’, who goes around the US reading stories to children themed around Gender Dysmorphia being a natural and acceptable human condition. Effectively pushing the narrative into children’s minds that genders are relative, much like all other aspects of humanity to the left.

I will leave links here so you can listen for yourself

Is home schooling good or bad for children?

Should young children be taught about gender diversity?

Whether Niall Boylan realised it or not he did a great job of showing people they should be wary of an educational system that is circumventing their right to raise their children with their own values and indoctrinating them into the liberal mindset.